10 Ways To Freshen Up Your Beauty Look

When that summer glow goes, call in the pros

Refresh your beauty routine with these 10 steps. Photo / Getty

Cooler temperatures call for cosseting textures and richer palettes — in our wardrobes and our beauty routines.

When it comes to physical appearance, a change in season makes most people crave a dramatic change. But reinventing yourself doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise (despite what your favourite rom-com would have you believe).

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A few small tweaks can have a big impact, many of which can be done from the comfort of your home.

Below, three beauty authorities share their 10 tips on how to upgrade your look for the new season, with the littlest of effort.

Refresh your beauty routine with these 10 steps. Photo / Getty

1. Wear a new lip colour

It’s one of the fastest and most uplifting ways to change up your seasonal makeup, says M.A.C Aotearoa senior artist Kiekie Stanners.

“It doesn’t need to be dramatically different from a current favourite, but just that subtle nuance of a slightly different tone can change up your mood instantly,” she says.

Her picks for autumn include burnt brick, plum or rich reds that are sure to make a bold beauty statement over the coming months. Try M.A.C Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in the shade Fashion Emergency, $43.

Antipodes Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream, $65. Photo / Supplied

2. Curate your skincare routine with season-appropriate products

So says Deborah Sampson, public relations and global brand specialist for Antipodes.

“Skin gets dry and stressed in autumn with the changing of the weather, higher winds and lower humidity levels,” she explains. “Switching to oil-based products ensures skin stays soft and nourished.”

Consider making the switch to an oil-based cleansing balm for your first cleanse in the evening.

On contact with water, a cleansing balm melts into a milky emulsion to help remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin.

Next, upgrade your moisturiser with a few drops of an enriching face oil like Antipodes Divine Avocado Oil & Rosehip Face Oil, $36, which helps nourish skin and form a protective barrier against the elements, Deborah says.

Finish off your autumn-appropriate skincare routine with a swipe of oil-rich eye cream to hydrate and protect the delicate under-eye area.

Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil, $49. Photo / Supplied

3. Try experimenting with a new eye makeup technique

When it comes to your autumnal eye look, now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone, Kiekie says.

“If you usually go for a sweep of eyeshadow over the lids, play with using a colour to define the lash line of the eyes. Use a fine brush to apply along the top lash line for definition and give a flash of colour rather than a smoked-out effect,” she says.

Use an eyeliner brush to apply M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot, $48, in the shade Bougie for a fresh spin on eyeliner in a burgundy shade, or look to the shade Born To Beam for a hint of gold sparkle.

M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot, $48. Photo / Supplied

4. Embrace probiotics

Probiotic skincare remains a hot topic in skincare this year, and Deborah advises applying these wonder bugs to skin daily to help balance the skin’s microbiome and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Introduce a probiotic face cream into your nightly skincare routine, such as the new Antipodes Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream, $65, an ultra-hydrating water cream which features Kalibiome AGE Probiotic, a natural, non-live bacteria (also known as a “postbiotic”) that helps to balance the skin’s bad bacteria, locks moisture into the skin’s epidermal layers and defends against environmental aggressors like pollution.

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“Skin loses more moisture at night, so a night cream with probiotics is an excellent choice as it works double time to balance your microbiome, repair your skin barrier and hydrate throughout the night,” Deborah says.

M.A.C #170 Synthetic Slant Brush, $82. Photo / Supplied

5. Ditch the hot tools

Hot tools and a stylish ’do are not mutually exclusive, Sean says, adding that a naturally styled look can be perfectly chic and completely effortless.

Start by combing through a leave-in styling serum straight after washing your hair, like Iles Formula Finishing Serum, $81.

“This will help strengthen hair, repair split ends and prevent colour fade,” Sean says. Next, wrap your hair in a T-shirt or a hair turban like Iles Formula Turban Towel, $54, a micro-fibre towel that gently dries hair fast without friction, frizz or breakage.

Remove your turban after 30 minutes and continue to let hair dry naturally. Et voila!

Zoya Nail Polish in the shade Courtney, $15. Photo / Supplied

6. Give your scalp some post-summer TLC by multi-masking

Autumn is an ideal time to focus on scalp health and get your strands back in top condition, says Sean Mahoney, a stylist at Auckland-based salon Colleen.

“If you have a little extra time on your hands try multi-masking,” Sean says. “Yes, just like your face, you can multi-mask your hair. This DIY treatment is great for targeting specific hair concerns and undoing any damage caused by heated tools and environmental stressors.”

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Sean loves combining two of Davines’ The Circle Chronicles masks when multi-masking, and advises using The Wake-Up Circle mask, $20, to restore tone and hydration to the scalp and the first inch of hair, and The Spotlight Circle mask, $20, on mid-sections to ends to boost shine and enhance colour without weighing hair down. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing out and following with your daily conditioner.

“Your hair and scalp will love you for this,” Sean says.

Maris Sal Mist by Botaniq, $47. Photo / Supplied

7. Take your application technique up a notch

If all this time spent at home recently has meant you can spend a little longer applying your makeup, Kiekie suggests trying a beauty look that feels “softer, more romantic and radiant”.

This starts with your base. Seek out a new tool to apply your base products to see how you can achieve a new texture to your foundation, tint or concealer.

“At the moment, I love using a brush that has domed bristles to give a sponging effect to the skin. This way your product has ‘bounce’ and looks like a second skin — something that feels so comfortable when wearing at home,” Kiekie says.

Currently in her toolkit is the M.A.C #170 Synthetic Slant Brush, $82, which Kiekie says she uses to press and sponge on her foundation to apply an even, smooth veil of product, and the M.A.C #270 Mini Synthetic Slant Brush, $46, to sponge product on to the smaller areas of the face.

For an ultra-lightweight application, Kiekie recommends first spritzing your brush with M.A.C Prep+Prime Fix+ spray, $45.

Iles Formula Turban Towel, $54. Photo / Supplied

8. Don’t be afraid of texture

“If you’re feeling a little glam, why not level up your ponytail and add some texture up in there?” Sean says.

Section your hair into four pieces, secure with an elastic band and apply a spritz of texturising spray into each section. “My go-to is New Zealand-made Maris Sal Mist by Botaniq, $47. It’s a super lightweight styling mist that enhances your natural texture and smells divine,” he says.

Next, twist the hair into four buns and heat them gently with a diffuser or hairdryer. Untie each, shake out then pull hair into a high or low ponytail.

Tease with a comb or dress up with cute clips or a headscarf if you’re feeling a little extra glam.

M.A.C Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in the shade Fashion Emergency, $43. Photo / Supplied

9. Go back to basics

When it comes to manicures, we’ve been gaga for glitter and nuts for neon, but this season we’re predicting the resurgence of subtle classics like buttery nudes, sophisticated reds or moody dark hues.

These subtle yet modern shades make for a refreshing change after the loud manicures that have dominated the past few years.

Try one of these of-the-moment colours, like Zoya Nail Polish in the shade Courtney, $15, with a minimalist French manicure twist, adding a tight line of contrasting colour at the tip or base of the nail (reverse French tips).

Antipodes Divine Avocado Oil & Rosehip Face Oil, $36. Photo / Supplied

10. Enjoy the ritual of applying your skincare

“As we rug up for the colder months, our nesting instincts kick in. It’s a good time to cultivate relaxing routines that nourish your skin and your overall wellbeing,” Deborah says.

Do so by creating your own at-home spa — think plush towels, an inviting bubble bath, fragrant candles and a selection of products that help nurture, pamper and hydrate skin.

If a dedicated spa night is out of reach, Deborah says add a little luxury to every day by swapping your regular body moisturiser for a body oil, like Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil, $49, and massage it gently into your skin every night before bed.

STOCKISTS: Antipodes from selected department stores, pharmacies, health stores and online at Antipodesnature.com; Botaniq, Davines and Iles Formula from Colleen or online from Shop.colleen.nz; M.A.C from M.A.C Botany, St Lukes, and Sylvia Park, Farmers Albany and Newmarket and Smith & Caughey’s Queen St, or see Maccosmetics.co.nz; Zoya from Thebeautystore.co.nz.

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