How To Take Magic Photos With Samsung's Latest Smartphone

We discover photography tips and tricks to master the brilliant new Samsung Galaxy S10

When a top fashion photographer reveals he uses a smartphone to take photos, you know the phone must be pretty top-notch. Garth Badger credits some of his favourite work to the cutting-edge camera technology of a Samsung smartphone. His latest Samsung device of choice is the new Galaxy S10 which promises stunning display and performance, plus astounding new camera features. I was among the first to test it out in a photography workshop led by Garth on a variety of wacky and wonderful setups at Thievery Studio on Karangahape Rd.

Plant Matter  
A jam-packed room of vibrant green pot plants was our first photography challenge. Garth recommended looking for interesting light and shadows cast on the leaves and playing around with different heights and angles. When viewed on the S10’s attractive screen display, my first attempts looked particularly good. Samsung calls it a dynamic AMOLED display, with screen testing experts DisplayMate giving it their highest grade yet. If that technical speak doesn't make sense, just take the brilliant colours displayed on the screen as proof of its quality.

She’s A Mod
Next up there were mannequins dressed in black and white go-go dresses and bob wigs — lots of them. To ensure no one was left out Garth revealed the ultra-wide angle lens feature which captures what you see and even more. It’s an incredible feature that magically gets everything in without having to take 10 steps back. Perfect for panaromas, landscapes, and group shots.

Top Dogs
Continuing the fun, Garth called in his all-time favourite models. The adorable Nico and Luna, two Italian greyhounds, were great subjects for the S10’s camera stabilisation feature which lets you take super steady shoots. They jumped for treats and we managed to capture all the moving action. Garth recommends improving static Instagram stories by including lots of fluid movement with your camera. For video especially, the stabilisation feature keeps things nice and smooth.

Set The Mood
The S10 has great low light capabilities. We stepped into a darkly lit room where a performer from The Palace Dance Studios was contorting into all sorts of nimble shapes. I played around with the live focus mode which brilliantly captured the beautiful dark and silhouetted movement and let me play with focus and blur for an artistic touch. You can also use this mode to spin, zoom and add colour points.

What else we liked 

- The in-screen fingerprint sensor has replaced the rear fingerprint scanner in earlier Samsung smartphones. Great for security and makes the back of the device sleek. 
- The Wireless PowerShare function makes it possible to easily top up other devices. Simply place the other device on the back of the S10 for extra juice whenever you need it. This also means you can leave a second charger at home while travelling. Genius.

Top fashion photographer Garth Badger of Thievery Studio shares his top tips for taking the perfect photo.

Look for the Light
Photography is all about light; look for interesting shapes in light, shadow cast from trees or windows. Also consider what practical lights are available indoors – think lamps, torches, and phones. You can move things around to control your environment.

Live Without Boundaries
The new Samsung S10 captures more than ever before with a 123-degree wide angle-lens. Better than the human eye, the frame captures what you see plus more, so composition is key. Perfect for impressive landscape shots and big panoramas, the Ultra-Wide Lens ensures that you’ll always be able to capture the full scene, so start experimenting with camera height and perspective, and work to get an angle that no one else can see.

Depth of Field
Use focus to tell your story. Think about foreground elements to make your photos more interesting. This could be in S10 camera’s regular mode or with the live focus which pulls your subject off the background and takes attention away from unnecessary detail.

Filming Better Instagram Stories
The secret behind great filmmaking is camera movement. To make your videos more immersive consider following, tracking, lifting or slowly panning. The Galaxy S10 offers Super Steady recording with digital stabilisation technology, ensuring the movement is smooth and your footage will be more interesting.

Symmetry Always Impresses
Symmetry is best when it's bang on, if it’s slightly off most of the effect is lost. Spend time finding the symmetry in the shot and experiment with height angles.

Quantity, Shoot More
Shoot lots of options. The Samsung S10 devices have a huge amount of storage so there’s no excuse to take one or two pictures. Shoot options, try different angles and select your favourites after.

The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e are now available in stores nationwide and online. Pricing starts at $1299.00 for Galaxy S10e, $1499.00 for Galaxy S10 and $1699.00 for Galaxy S10+. For more information about Galaxy S10, visit Samsung.com/galaxy.


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