TV Reporter & Presenter Jordyn Rudd Shares Her Beauty Routine

Tune into the skincare-focused approach of this busy young broadcaster

TVNZ reporter and presenter Jordyn Rudd says she likes to keep things natural when it comes to beauty. Photo / Supplied

Jordyn Rudd is wearing studio makeup rather than sunscreen for now, working over Christmas on 1 NEWS Tonight. A welcome break awaits soon, but while you’re letting the Christmas meal digest she’ll be helping with the 6pm news show. As well as reporting in the field and from the desk, Jordyn has an extra gig during the year, presenting the daily entertainment section wrap-up on Breakfast. Here’s how she approaches her appearance on and off screen.

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Beauty approach
Skincare, skincare, skincare. I like to keep things natural. If your skin is glowing, you don’t need much makeup. I’ll usually pop a little bit of concealer under the eyes, a dash of mascara, tame my bushy brows and I’m good to go.

On screen versus the everyday
You’d absolutely notice a difference. I look like Hagrid at the supermarket. Being on screen instantly washes you out and makes you shiny (lovely combo), so blush and a matte powder is a must. I feel super glam after the lovely TVNZ makeup artists sort out my face, an utter treat. But it’s certainly not your everyday makeup, or the face I’d wear to the supermarket.

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Style evolution
My style has always been classic and simple. If I could wear jeans, a crisp white linen shirt and Converse shoes every day, I’d be a very happy woman. I love dressing up on special occasions, but love a casual outfit even more.

Memories of makeup?
My beautiful mum was a M.A.C makeup artist when I was growing up, so my first memories of makeup all revolve around her. She introduced me to the world of glam and did my makeup for all my school balls, parties and dance recitals — which I initially wasn’t fussed about, until I got a bit older and became kind of obsessed with it. Watching makeup tutorials on YouTube is now my secret bsession/way to wind down. I think about Rihanna’s 10-minute Get Ready With Me video for Vogue maybe once a day.

Worst look
Hands down 2010 — the year every teenage girl in Auckland fell for the M.A.C Snob lipstick (a fluoro candy pink colour) and fake-tanned face combo. The photos still haunt me.

Best look
Any day the makeup artists at TVNZ sort me out. Think glowy, natural looking bronze tones, paired with a glossy lip. They are the best.

Trick of the trade
Blush gives you life! Literally, blush is a miracle-working, saving grace which will awaken your soul even on the darkest of days. Okay that’s dramatic, but true. Particularly cream blushes. That’s all I use if I’m going to wear it.

Everyday routine
In the morning I double cleanse with Glossier’s Milky Jelly cleaner, followed by a Paula’s Choice cleanser. Then Paula’s Choice vitamin C serum. On the back of my hand I mix Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi anti-pollution serum together with an SPF moisturiser to make a bronzy-glowy solution, and put that all over my face and neck. Bit of concealer, mascara and brow gel then I’m out! I dab a little Glossier cloud paint on my cheeks if I’m feeling jazzy.

At night I do the same double-cleanse combo, followed by Paula’s Choice 2% BHA exfoliant all over my face and a thick moisturiser containing Retinol, before dabbing Paula’s Choice 9% BHA spot treatment on my chin where I’ve usually got a pimple or two. As you can tell I’m huge on Paula’s Choice it’s an Aussie brand. And no, I’m not sponsored by them.

Jordyn Rudd's favourite beauty products. Photo / Supplied

Five favourites
1. Glossier
’s concealer and Cloud Paint blush (in the colour ‘Beam’ or ‘Puff’) are amazing. Both are made with a creamy formula and look so natural they enhance your face without looking cakey.

2. Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliant products (2% and 9%) have changed my life. I get hormonal acne around my chin, which I thought I'd never get rid of, until I was recommended these. Put them on at night with a cotton pad and by morning the pimple has packed up, vacated, and is a distant memory.

3. Any fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez is a favourite. I always get compliments. Top tip: Spray on the very back of your neck straight after a shower, when your pores are open. It lasts way longer.

4. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Universal Lip Bomb is the only lip gloss I wear. I love it like a family member, and am currently on my sixth one.

5. Sleep. My ultimate, ultimate favourite beauty product. Boring, but so true.

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Transformation tip
An extra layer of mascara, swipe of lipgloss and a tussle of the hair always sends me off into the night on my merry way. 

Hair and its care
My hair has gone through the absolute ringer over the last few years. I was dying it very blonde, very regularly and getting it heat-styled every day for work = bad breakage. Over the past few months my amazing colourist Emma Sheen has let my natural colour come through and put me on to Oway products, which are paraben/sulphate/fragrance/petrolatum free. It’s made the world of difference and my hair is shiny for the first time ever.

Treatment to try
I really want to get a lash lift.My friends who have got it look amazing. It's a lot nicer than lash extensions and it means you don’t need to use mascara for around eight weeks. Win win.

Beauty is…
Making your own rules, not following trends. Embracing your flaws/blemishes/birthmarks. Diversity. Confidence. A smile! And Meryl Streep. Definitely Meryl Streep.

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