How Kate Moffat of Matcha Matcha Stays Balanced

Kate Moffat of Best Bones Broth and Matcha Matcha shares her secrets to staying balanced in a busy world

Kate Moffat of Best Bones Broth and Matcha Matcha. Picture / Guy Coombes.

Kate Moffat runs Best Bones Broth and the recently launched Matcha Matcha tea company with her husband Derek, as well as being mother to two pre-schoolers. Most weekends you will find her at the Grey Lynn or Victoria Park Markets, spreading the message of good health to the masses. “It’s great meeting and having discussions with other people interested in health and nutrition and feeling like our products are playing a part in helping them feel their best.”

Working at home is a blessing but it can also be tricky to separate mothering from working — some days I feel I don’t do well at either! The key for me is trying to allocate set work time and then time when I can focus on bein­g a fun mum. The longest window I have with both kids at their kindy/creche is three hours — that time disappears very fast! But growing your own business is fun and rewarding and so is being a mum; I feel extremely lucky doing both. My children (Lachlan, 4 and Raya, 2) are my priority so I have to make the two businesses fit around their schedule.

I add our bone broth to my morning smoothies, the kids haven’t noticed yet. It’s full of gut healing gelatin and important amino acids. I also add avocado, a big handful of greens (watercress/spinach/kale etc.), coconut yogurt, chia seeds, cucumber and matcha powder (for the extra antioxidants and a good pick-me-up). It’s really delicious and makes me feel great. Kelly Gibney from Bonnie Delicious Blog has also done a recipe for us for a Matcha Mint Smoothie Bowl. It’s simple and divine — my new favourite.

The best meal I’ve ever had was the tasting menu at The French Cafe. I probably come across as being extremely health conscious with my eating habits but I also like to indulge! I love going out for a nice meal and trying new cafes. My best travel memories almost always involve a sensational meal.

I try not to box myself into one particular diet. I eat real, whole foods, as local, unprocessed and organic as possible. I enjoy cooking healthy meals for my family and experimenting with new recipes.

The 30 minute Grit classes at Les Mills push me to my limit but somehow leave me feeling amazing and rejuvenated afterwards. Just having that set time to myself goes a long way. I also love a good yoga class. Generally I prefer a faster flow class — I think my own form of meditation is best reached when I am physically challenged — but I’m working on those yin classes.

I believe my healthy diet and regular exercise play a huge part in making me feel good, and in doing so help me manage stress more effectively. I also maintain a positive inner dialogue — when I’m feeling stressed or down, I reassure myself that it’s a temporary feeling that won’t last long. My husband and I are very supportive of each other, we’re a good team — we both love our family time but we encourage each other to do the things we enjoy separately as well.

My mum always talked about the importance of loving the work you do. She worked very hard with great integrity and was an amazing mother to her four kids who all adored her. I took care of her when she was diagnosed with gastric cancer. I was pregnant at the time and she passed away one month after my first child was born. Supporting mum though cancer and the reading I did at the time (cancer books rather than motherhood books) certainly led me towards the path of good health and nutrition.

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