For Your Eyes Only

Beautifully framed peepers shouldn't only be the domain of queens and Hollywood stars!

Just look at historic hieroglyphic depictions of the ancient and oh –so-elegant Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, and you’ll soon understand why eyes have always remained such a crucial entry in the beauty lexicon. With perfectly arched dark eyebrows, artfully applied upper lids, and generous kohl underlining this 1300 BC scene-stealer with her long neck and elegant, chiselled features was perhaps the ultimate style setter of her era - and certainly the best recorded.

Fast-forward over 3000 years- and the eyes still have it. Today’s top models and Hollywood stars have access to a myriad of products, all designed to advance the perceived attractiveness of eyes and their surrounds.

Often referring to the eyes as the ‘window to the soul’, resulting products have sometimes been somewhat hit and miss in terms of tangible results.

Luckily, however, cosmetic scientists have been tirelessly toiling away and the holy grail of eye enhancement may be at hand, with products which nourish, condition and, hopefully, promote the growth of generous, fulsome lashes and brows in a way that’s within easy and safe, reach.

Offering a powerful lash and brow enhancing serum, Lashem aims to give this most picturesque area of our faces a naturally, beautiful boost. Using SymPeptide to lengthen, thicken and fortify what nature has provided, Lashem may stimulate the body’s naturally occurring keratin production in order to achieve optimal growth, in an ongoing way.

Users report that the quick-acting lash and brow enhancing serum formula really seems to work – with satisfying results. In fact, in trials, many felt that they could see a difference in just 2 weeks, and that its anti-aging properties were an added advantage.

In Lashem there are no harsh ingredients - or the parabens and prostaglandins that can be found in many other beauty products. Fragrance-free, it is super-safe, easy to use and hypoallergenic, dermatologist, and ophthalmologist tested for safety. You simply apply it in the same way as you would use an eyeliner, either in the morning or at night - and it can be worn under your regular make-up.

Superstar eyes are no longer just Hollywood eyes; now you can give yours a naturally beautiful boost, nourishing, strengthening and conditioning lashes and brows while keeping them healthy and lush - and without breaking the bank.

  • Available at selected Farmers stores for $85.
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