From beauty to cleaning, these essential oil tips have you covered. Photo / Eleanor Ozich

13 Life-Changing Essential Oil Hacks From Eleanor Ozich

Eleanor Ozich shares her expert tips and tricks for incorporating the magic of essential oils into your every day

1. Do you have trouble getting your little ones to sleep?
Trust me, I've been there! Combine one drop Roman chamomile and one drop lavender in a small ramekin, along with one tablespoon carrier oil, and rub on the bottoms of the feet before bedtime. You can also diffuse this lovely blend to help promote a restful night’s sleep.

2. Want to keep those flies away?
Add four drops arborvitae, three drops peppermint and three drops of ti tree to your diffuser. This refreshing blend also smells beautifully cleansing and uplifting.

3. Have you spent a little too much time in the sun without sunscreen?
Not to worry, as this cooling spray works a treat. Combine five drops of lavender, five drops of peppermint and one tablespoon witch hazel in a small spray bottle, then top with water. Spritz on your skin as needed.

4. In need of some self-love?
Dilute two drops geranium and two drops bergamot with carrier oil, then gently massage over your heart, whilst making a mental checklist of all the things you love about yourself.

5. Feeling overwhelmed or scattered?
Place 1-2 drops of frankincense and lavender behind your ears and on your wrists for a simple, natural perfume that will help calm the nerves promote a sense of peace.

6. Are your kids struggling to focus during homework time?
Diffuse peppermint and lime to support a sense of clarity

7. Who doesn’t want a fresh-smelling bathroom?
Place 1-2 drops of lemon or eucalyptus on your toilet paper roll. Each time the roll spins, you’ll release its gorgeous scent.

8. Is your vacuum cleaner smelling a little musty?
Add 2-3 drops of lemon, lime or tangerine inside your vacuum bag to freshen the house while you clean.

10. In need of a little cleaning magic? 
Make your own magical spray and wipe by adding 10 drops of lemon, five drops of eucalyptus and five drops of lime to a 500ml glass spray bottle. Add a splash of white vinegar, and then top up with water. Shake gently to disperse before using.

11. Struggling with head tension?
Dilute a few drops of peppermint with some carrier oil, and apply to your temples, hairline and behind the neck for maximum effect. But please, be careful around your eyes!

12. Smelly dishwasher?
Add a few drops of lemon or lime in the rinse aid section to help cut grease and keep your glasses sparkly and clean.

13. Run out of toothpaste?
Make your own toothpaste powder by simply adding a few drops of peppermint to baking soda, then dipping your toothbrush into it. You’ll be surprised at how clean and fresh they feel afterwards. 

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