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Locally-Made Skincare Brand Picked Up By Farmers

Iconic New Zealand retailer Farmers is now the exclusive stockist of the innovative new range from The Avo Tree Skincare

A favourite of New Zealanders and considered something of a superfood, avocado oil has now made the leap from food to face — championed by one small local business, The Avo Tree.

Crafted from the cold-pressed oil of locally-grown avocados (extra virgin of course) its new offering, The Avo Tree Skincare harnesses the famous benefits of this superfood, bringing the renowned fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants of avocados to the beauty shelf.

With a concise range of six essential products, the brand launched with a day cream, night cream, face oil, cream cleanser, facial exfoliant and eye cream. Ensuring all facets of the daily skincare regime are catered for.

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It’s the latest development for the Bay of Plenty-based company. Diversifying what had been a food-delivery centric business model, The Avo Tree Skin combined unique ingredients with a natural focus and local provenance to produce a range of accessible products gentle enough for every day.

It was this combination of key factors that led Farmers to the new skincare kid on the block.

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The heritage department store is the exclusive stockist for The Avo Tree Skincare – joining its portfolio of leading international beauty brands – and the exclusive partnership sees The Avo Tree Skincare on Farmers’ shelves around selected locations nationwide as well as being stocked online.

It’s a testament to Farmers move to support local brands, and the innovation that’s inherent to New Zealand businesses.

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The Avo Tree Skincare is an offshoot of the disruptive direct-to-consumer business The Avo Tree, which delivers boxes to avocado-lovers around the country, offering hand-picked varieties like Reed and Hass from its orchard in Bay of Plenty, available as a standard purchase or as a subscription.

Passionate about the fruit, the brand espouses the benefits of avocados both inside and out; The Avo Tree Skincare came after the small, tight-knit team decided to look into what else avocados could be used for — the result of which can now be found in-store at Farmers.

Discover The Avo Tree Skincare in store exclusively at selected Farmers stores, and online at theavotree.co.nz

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