Lorraine Downes Shares Her 2019 Summer Wellness & Beauty Tips

How the former Miss Universe switches up her wellness routine during the balmy summer months  

Lorraine couples her balanced diet with a daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals to maintain her health and wellbeing. Photo / Supplied

Lorraine Downes is a morning person.

Rising early, the Kiwi favourite starts her day with a glass of squeezed lemon juice in warm water, together with her morning supplements.

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Meditation follows, which includes her uttering all the things she’s grateful for, to keep her centred and focused to take on the day ahead.

She’s previously told Viva that she takes solace from nature, so for Lorraine nothing clears her mind more than rounding out her morning routine with a beach walk.

A morning beach walk gives Lorraine an opportunity to set her intentions for the day, and spend time with her loved ones. Photo / Supplied

This morning quiet time is pivotal to maintaining Lorraine’s wellbeing. An early-adopter of the self-care movement, Lorraine bravely told her personal story, including dealing with the grief of losing partner and cricketing great Martin Crowe in her memoir, Life, Loss, Love. This became a No.1 bestseller.

Her daily approach to beauty is twofold — protecting her skin from the harsh Kiwi sun topically by religiously applying sunscreen every day, while stressing how “equally important it is to nourish your skin from the inside too — giving it the right nutrients and energy it needs to be at its best,” she says.

A diet rich in fresh produce is integral to maintaining good skin, Lorraine says. Photo / Supplied

This internal nourishment extends to supplementation, which motivates Lorraine to take a cocktail of vitamins to protect her skin internally from cell damage and the effects of ageing.

“I choose MitoQ because of the high quality of its powerful CoQ10 antioxidant. Since taking MitoQ skincare supplements, I have really noticed that my sun spots have lightened,” explains Lorraine, who was named as MitoQ’s New Zealand ambassador in 2018 and likes that the company draws on scientific research.

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Hydration is a key component of maintaining clear skin, especially in warmer climes when you’re more likely to sweat, Lorraine adds.

Lorraine's mantra of keeping well hydrated throughout the day means her water bottle is never far away. Photo / Supplied

At the opposite end of her day, Lorraine winds down by giving thanks for everything that happened that day, followed by her nightly magnesium supplement to promote a good night’s sleep.

She says of spending this summer unwinding at her sister's bach by the beach: “as I drift off listening to the sounds of the waves, I give thanks to God for everything I was blessed with that day.”


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