Lorraine Downes Shares Her Wellness Tips For Getting Through Tough Times

The former Miss Universe reveals eight ways to help cope with hard times in your life

Lorraine Downes reflects on what can help navigate life's rough patches. Picture / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

Be gentle 
You will make it through. You’ve got to start by being gentle with yourself, that’s number one. 

Keep moving 
Have a routine. Get up, get out and exercise. It will make you feel better, even if just for a little while initially. Find the right activities for you, from walking to something more vigorous.

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Trust yourself
Do what you need to do. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right. People will offer your advice, but you’ve got to learn what works for you. Therapists have a valuable role in helping you understand why you’re feeling a certain way. They can give you the tools to help you recognise and deal with feelings and situations, but you need to do the work.

Have faith
Connect with a higher power and meditate a little every day. Be it God or the Universe…

Have gratitude 
Find something to be thankful for each day, no matter how hard this might seem. A glimpse of nature or a piece of music can provide a moment to take pleasure in, while family and friends offer connections to cherish.

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Keep track 
Journaling is a way to get something out of your head onto paper. Do it on and off as needed. Go back and read what you’ve written after a few months and it will help you realise you’ve made it through.

Change tack
Seek to control and change negative thoughts so they don’t control you. When problems are paralysing you with worry and anxiety, do something completely different. Distracting yourself, especially with physical activity, is a starting point. Learning the power of the mind is worth the effort in freeing you to take charge.

Breathe deeply
Learn to breathe from the bottom of your diaphragm. This technique will calm and slow your thinking, and is particularly valuable on tough nights.

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