The Latest Luxury Handwashes With Fruit-Scented Extracts

Enjoy a taste of nature's bounty by simply washing up with fruity aromatic extracts

Molton Brown Hand Wash; MOR Hand & Body Wash; The Aromatherapy Co. EHand Wash. Pictures / Supplied

Molton Brown Comice Pear & Wild Honey 300ml Fine Liquid Hand Wash $49
Smells as warmly inviting as biting into the sun-ripened fruit. A limited edition seasonal temptation from the English maker, along with deliciously tart Rhubarb & Rose or charmingly traditional Violet & Vanilla fragrances. Also in lotions and trio gift sets. From Smith & Caughey’s stores.

MOR Bohemienne 500ml Hand & Body Wash $35
A fresh and fruity new fragrance called Bohemiene joins the smart-looking Emporium Classic range. It combines goji berry extract and coconut oil in a wash and lotion. Healthy food fans rate goji as a superfood, but we like that this fruit-come-herb has a zingy aroma that melds well with the richness of coconut. From department stores, Redcurrent and gift stores, visit

The Aromatherapy Co. Elements Earth 500ml Hand Wash $25
Ground yourself with the summery scent of plumeria and wild honey. The Elements range includes lotion and home fragrance and extends its reach from Earth, through fragrant interpretations of Air (oak moss and vanilla) Fire (tuberose and amber musk) and Water (sea salt and white thyme). From selected Life pharmacies, visit

Compagnie de Provence Soap; Linden Leaves Soap; Ecoya Hand & Body Wash; Matakana Hand Wash. Picture / Supplied

Compagnie de Provence White Tea 300ml Liquid Marseille Soap $35
This citrus-fragranced flowing soap with notes of white tea, can be changed out for black bottled Black Tea, which smells of you know what, with added notes of blackberry. The French lacquered glass bottles make a bold bathroom design duo with the matching hand cream. From Citta stores, visit

Linden Leaves Olive Leaf & Cypress 300ml Flowing Soap $20
Spruce up your daily routine with this refreshing and gentle wash, with an invigorating unisex aroma from essential oils and soothing olive extract and chamomile. Layers well with the New Zealand company’s natural skincare Rosemary and Cypress Hand Lotion. Stockists visit

Ecoya Botanicals Jacaranda & Plum 350ml Hand & Body Wash $25
Creamy French Pear may be Ecoya’s best known fruit fragrance, but for something more exotic, Jacaranda & Plum’s oriental notes are a sweet choice enlivened by red berries, petal and patchouli. The rich fruity scent is nevertheless a gentle hydrating wash. Visit

Matakana Botanicals Verbena & Mandarin 360ml Hand Wash $19
Infused with the citrus orchard aromas from its area of origin (including a Lime & Grapefruit option), this cleansing gel blends olive and macadamia oils and manuka honey to soften skin and preserve its natural moisture balance. Visit

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