My Weekend: Warriors nutritionist Lee-Anne Wann

Toru, one of the eateries in Ponsonby Central. Picture / Sarah Ivey

Lee-Anne Wann is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle, making her the perfect pick for this week's Vitality theme. When the top nutritionist isn't working with the Warriors or many clients, she's working on her new website, launching in October.

Lee-Anne Wann. Picture / Supplied

"It's a place for people to go and get programmes that are effective, easy and focus on getting real results," she says. "Programmes for those who travel and need to banish jet lag, or those stuck in the office, or mums at home wanting to tone and condition, or men wanting to de-stress and get back into great shape".

Take a look at some of her weekend favourites.

Going ... I love taking a drive out to Maraetai - it's a really peaceful scenic drive out to the markets in Clevedon and the beach is amazing out there. There is also a good track to walk along the beach and over the hills, which is great to recharge and get out of the city.

Discovering ... Studio 3 ballet and pilates studio in Newmarket - such a friendly, cosy atmosphere and the chance to do something a little different. Love the Barre classes, they are the best glutes workouts I have ever come across.

Trying ... I'm really keen to get to a Kangoo Jumping class - I tried it out briefly and it was too much fun. Bouncing around with special boots while getting an insane leg and butt workout is great, not to mention an ab workout from all the laughing trying to stay in one place. I'm also keen to get to the trampoline park as we are all big kids at heart. It's such a great way to get exercise and movement into the day without it feeling like a chore.

Brunching ... My favourite cafe currently is Mojo in Newmarket - so many great dishes that fit with my style of clean eating and real food. I'm loving their cheeky mince on toast, which is braised beef cheek Italian-style with a soft poached egg.

Moving ... I am a gym girl at heart and always love to weight train, especially in gyms that are low key and all about the training. I love Tony Martin's Sports Connection in Auckland and when I travel I either use Virgin Active gyms, which are amazing, or create a circuit or training session outdoors. I'm also a fan of the beach and fresh air so love heading to the Shore or Mission Bay to train outdoors or in the water when the weather is great.

Dining ... The last place I dined and loved was Fish restaurant at the Hilton. Such beautiful views at night, an amazing menu and such wonderful service. The best dish was the scallop entree.

Shopping ... It's an easy guess, I live in Lululemon in Newmarket - their gear is designed to workout in and hang out in. I also love Beach Hut in Takapuna forLorna Jane clothing - it's the greatest workout and hang-out gear around.

Relaxing ... Love hanging out in Ponsonby with friends for lunch or coffee or some window shopping. Clear Water Peak Cafe and Ponsonby Central are some favourites. Time out means spending time with friends talking about anything except fitness and nutrition.

Anticipating ... Looking forward to my third year with the Warriors as their nutritionist. I love my job and seeing the impact real food and clean eating can have on athletes, as their bodies take such a huge hit. They have to have the nutrients to recover and heal and it's an amazing feeling being able to help them stay in great condition and watch them excel in their careers.

Recommending ... My best find recently would have to be Blue Coconut Oil from a little company called Discover Coconut. It's such a great, inexpensive food for so many uses. I love it for increased energy, fat burning, curbing sugar cravings and so much more. You can even use it as a make-up remover and mouth wash - weird I know but it works a treat.

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