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Not Satisfied With Your Smile? It's Never Too Late For Your Smile Glow Up

SmileDirectClub's convenient treatment aligns with busy modern life

Life is busy. It’s not even a passing comment, it’s just a reality. We neglect things we perceive as a tomorrow job — and then that ‘tomorrow’ becomes months or years.

When I became a mum, I thought having a shower for longer than a few minutes was a luxury, or quiet time was a stolen moment here and there every few weeks. It took me a very long time to realise these were just basic everyday events, not ‘fill your cup’ moments.

I have been trying very hard to swallow that mum guilt and do things for ME that genuinely bring a confident smile to my face. A smile is a signature, and mine has been a little lacking of late, making my date with the SmileDirectClub team not only timely but a cause for reflection.

In a nutshell, SmileDirectClub offers custom made clear aligners that gradually move teeth into their desired position all guided by a New Zealand registered dentist. A much more appealing solution to bring the life back to your smile without all the wires and elastic — and of course the time-consuming orthodontic appointments.

When my delightful SmileGuide at SmileDirectClub's recently opened SmileShop on Broadway in Newmarket asked me what I don’t like about my smile, I had to take a moment.

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I am a big fan of a laugh out loud moment but a quick scroll through my social media (don’t scroll too far!) and you will see my big toothy smile has been replaced by a closed-lipped grin. Why? I have very wonky bottom teeth. I am vigilant with my dental health and at a quick glance you would not even know there was an alignment issue. Absolute bone-chilling fear of having my wisdom teeth pulled out means that one has snuck through and nudged the other pearly whites along.

So, my answer to the SmileGuide is “my not so straight teeth”.

After a thorough Q&A that covers general health questions and background on my dental health, my delightful SmileGuide sits me back and explains the next few steps. A mind-numbingly smart machine takes a 3D scan of my teeth from all angles — 6,000 images per second to be exact — in order to create a mirror perfect image of my teeth (top, bottom, front and side). These images are then sent off to a New Zealand registered dentist or orthodontist who reviews and approves my custom treatment plan to get these pearly whites of mine back into line.

The scan is used to create a video time-lapse of how my teeth will move over a four to six month period. This futuristic view is really quite exciting. I’ve re-watched mine so many times and can’t believe I never did this sooner!

Within six weeks I will receive my personalised aligners in one box which contains everything I need for my treatment; all the aligners, clearly labelled and beautifully presented, teeth whitening gel pens and a direct line to the SmileDirectClub dental team who will remotely monitor my progress via my online customer account. Which means that there are no more appointments to the dentist office! The whole process is customised to the busy lives we lead.

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SmileDirectClub also makes premium oral care affordable with a flat fee of $3335 for treatment, which is up to 60 per cent less than traditional braces which cost around $8750. They also offer SmilePay which is a convenient monthly payment of $139 a month for 24 months with a deposit of $299 ($3,635 in total) and includes two sets of retainers.

SmileDirectClub has mastered its technology, creating a clear aligner, so while I will need to wear the aligners throughout the day, I won’t be distracted by them. Made from BPA free plastic, the multiple sets of aligners means that this treatment is gentle and effective.

Another great feature of SmileDirectClub is they offer a Lifetime Smile Guarantee. Complete with a 30-day money back promise, it protects your smile for life with free aligner touch-ups during your treatment — or even long after it ends.

I had the opportunity for braces back in my teens, but I was a singer, always on stage, and there never seemed to be a good moment. So why now? Because it’s never too late!

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Visit SmileDirectClub.co.nz and book your FREE appointment at the new SmileShop in Newmarket, Auckland or Christchurch CBD. You can also order a dentist-directed at-home impression kit to start your smile journey today.


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