Our Favourite Nude Lipsticks

The Viva team reveal their favourite nude lipstick shades

M.A.C Fleshpot; Dior Addict #006 Nude Fever; & Other Stories Pointelle Flesh; Karen Murrell Cordovan Natural and Violet Mousse; Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom; M.A.C Velvet Teddy. Pictures / Supplied

Kim Kardashian has helped reinforce nude as a "go to" colour choice, but everyone has a different idea of what shade suits them best. For her wedding, Kim wore Givenchy, but bypassed designer brand makeup in favour of a L’Oreal Paris liquid lipstick. The Extraordinaire by Colour Riche shade was 'Nude Ballet', with a soft-touch applicator to paint on creamy coverage, with micro oils lending smoothness and shine. Women around the world - and at Viva - were keen to give it a try. A year down the track, our team members reveal the nude lipsticks they buy.

Writer Rosie Kelway - M.A.C in 'Fleshpot'
When Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic revealed he used Nude Ballet on the reality television queen for her multimillion dollar wedding to Kanye, I unashamedly went out and tried it. It has a very glossy texture and as I prefer my lipstick to be matte I think you can’t beat M.A.C lipsticks, my favourite nude colour is Fleshpot, $40.

Viva Managing Editor Amanda Linnell - Dior Addict Tie Dye in #006 'Nude Fever'
Moisturising, with a subtle gloss and a hint of colour, this is my perfect no-lipstick lipstick for the weekends. (Beauty Editor’s note: Sad news Amanda, this is a limited colour, so your best bet when it runs out might be check out another Addict shade such as Tailleur Bar #535 (pictured), $59, from a just launched Dior colour update.

Associate Editor Zoe Walker - & Other Stories sheer lip colour in ‘Pointelle Flesh’
I’ve found it impossible to find the perfect nude shade for my skin colour, but this pinky colour is so subtle it’s almost like I’m not wearing anything at all – ideal in my opinion. Unfortunately it’s only available in Europe, so I need stock up each time I’m in London.

Editorial assistant Anna Lee - Karen Murrell in 'Orchid Bloom'
Murrell’s inspiration for this came from her love of slipper orchids and she describes it as having subtle tones of coffee brown with warm blush pink.

Design and Digital assistant Lucy Casley - M.A.C in 'Velvet Teddy'
This lipstick shade is a darker nude so it is still natural yet standout and a bit more dramatic without being too much. $40.

Beauty Editor Janetta Mackay - Karen Murrell in 'Cordovan Natural' and 'Violet Mousse'
I never much liked nudes until I tried this one; it has enough depth of colour that I don’t feel washed out, but best of all is the moisturising natural formula. I love bold lipstick and don’t mind a drier matte texture for short-term impact, but for every day I prefer the comfort of this or better yet Murrell’s mauve-tinged Violet Mousse, $29.95, which I like to think of as a lip-undertone matched nude, though that may be stretching the definition a bit.  

Kim Kardashian. Picture / @kimkardashian.

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