Hand cream, hair spray and hand sanitiser are popular must-haves . Photos / Supplied

10 Beauty Items The Viva Team Always Have At Their Desks

Not counting what's crammed in our makeup and gym bags, here's the handy everyday items we insist on keeping at our desks

From hand cream to hair spray, we share what keeps us sitting pretty at the office. 

(From left) Ecoya Rinse Free Coconut & Elderflower hand wash, $13; Sisley Blur Expert skin-perfecting powder. Photos / Supplied

Face Spray
I like to have a gentle face spray on my desk and at the moment it's I Am Rosy Facial Toner, $39, created by Plant Potions, a small artisan business on Waiheke. The water-based toner includes wild rosewood essential oil, organic witch hazel and has an amethyst crystal in the bottle. It is wonderful to spritz on my skin. I like to think it centres me and helps to clear my mind, especially good before meetings. But really, it probably just gives me a good wake-up when I'm starting to feel sleepy mid-afternoon! — Amanda Linnell, editor

Lip Balm
Lip balm is my essential to wear alone or under lipstick. Ecostore Beeswax Lip Balm, $6.30, is my everyday choice and I have four on the go: one by the computer, one in the car, one in my makeup bag and another by the bed. This may sound like overkill, but I can't abide my lips feeling dry and this balm is cheap and easy to pick up at the supermarket. It also lasts awhile — provided you don't let it melt into a mess. This balm isn't a vegan choice, but there are plenty out there that are, although I like the addition of beeswax to bolster up a plant oil base. — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

(From left) Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, $46; Leif's Buddha Wood 'balm of calm' hand cream, $35. Photos / Supplied

Hand Sanitiser
It sounds a bit sterile, but I have a couple of hand sanitisers at my desk at all times. Working in a building with so many other people, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a petri dish (especially when there's a cold going round) so I like the Zoono Body Hand Sanitiser, $9, which is dispensed as foam. Or, if I'm feeling fancy, there's my Ecoya Rinse Free Coconut & Elderflower one, $13. I can't remember the last time I got sick, so the results speak for themselves. — Rosie Herdman, assistant fashion editor.

Face Powder
Just like an Instagram filter but in real life, Sisley pitches its Blur Expert as a skin-perfecting powder that smooths and mattifies. While it doesn't undo all the damage from a long day in front of a computer, a couple of swoops of this powder over the face with a large, soft brush definitely takes care of any shine and helps to even out my complexion. — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

(From left) Systane lubricating eye-drops, $17; Beauty Dust & Co. Classic Oval Boar Bristle Brush, $39. Photos / Supplied

Hair Spray
True to my New Year's beauty resolution, I have been trying to wear my curly hair out more. Over the holiday break I found it looked best post-swim, so I have been toting Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, $46, to the office. Adding a spritz or two to my hair throughout the day keeps it at its beachy best. — Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

Hand Cream
Hand cream is an absolute essential on my desk. I like to slather on Leif's Buddha Wood 'balm of calm' hand cream, $35, because it feels nourishing to the skin but still absorbs quickly. The woody aromatic scent of sandalwood and orange is also quite calming when stressful deadlines start to creep in. — Sarah Downs, writer

(From left) Reusable S'well bottle, $69; Chantecaille Lip Veil in shade Honeypot, $83. Photos / Supplied

Eye Drops
I get dry eyes quite easily, especially when I'm in an air-conditioned office writing at my desk, so I have a bottle of eye-drops on my desk to help alleviate any discomfort. This bottle from Systane, $17, does the trick. — Dan Ahwa, creative director

Hair Brush
Whether it's shooting out to meet someone or more importantly returning from my lunch time sweat at the gym, a hair brush is an essential desk item for me. Since I also need a hair brush on hand at home, this Beauty Dust & Co. Classic Oval Boar Bristle Brush, $39, is an affordable option that can tame my tangles and frizz throughout the day. — Lucy Casley, designer

Hand cream, hair spray and hand sanitiser are popular must-haves . Photos / Supplied

Water Bottle
My desk beauty essential is the easiest thing in the world, plus it's free. Yes, a good old bottle of chilled water, kept cool in a reusable S'well bottle that travels with me absolutely everywhere. Not only is the bottle good for reminding me to drink water, it gets me up and out of my chair for micropauses when I need a refill. — Shandelle Battersby, acting commercial editor

A go-to lipstick is always a must. Whether it's a surprise appointment or a re-application after lunch I like to have my favourite shade handy at my desk. Right now I am loving Chantecaille's Lip Veil in shade Honeypot, $83 at Mecca. It's baobab oil base is soothing and doesn't dry out the lips with the office air-con. — Annabel Dickson, fashion assistant

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