Luscious Oils Your Skin Will Love

Janetta Mackay plugs into oils that are best for your skin, and her findings may surprise you

Picture / Babiche Martens

The good oil is a term often used for beauty’s current favourite moisturiser. It has come to mean natural, plant-based oils, rather than the many mineral oils still used in cosmetics.

While the latter can work well as a hydrating barrier, a petroleum byproduct just doesn’t sound as enticing and raises sustainability issues, so it’s no wonder the pendulum is swinging.

As with food, anything described as organic, cold-pressed or unrefined has consumer appeal. But not all plant-based oils are created equal. A body oil can be heavier in texture and nutrient quality than a facial one.

Aroma is persuasive, but note whether the essential oil that may give a product its name is different from the base oil(s), to know what you’re paying for.

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Trends also see different types of oil wax and wane in popularity — over argan, on to coconut or something obscure from the Amazon.

One thing worth agreeing on, however, is that anointing your sun-dried limbs with a good body oil makes sound seasonal sense.

Left to right:
Salt by Hendrix Luxe Oil, $49, from Superette
Weleda Sea Buckthorn Oil $38. Visit Weleda
Rodin Olio Lusso Lavender Absolute Oil, $207, from Mecca Cosmetica
Aesop Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment, $43. Visit Aesop
Sans Goji Body & Face Oil $58. Visit Sansceuticals
Tata Harper Revitalising Body Oil, $159, from Tonic Room
Dr Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil $47. Visit Dr Hauschka
Pure Fiji Nourishing Coconut Lime Blossom Bath & Body Oil $46. Visit Purefiji

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