Power-Up Your Skincare With Postbiotics

Healthy microbiome, healthy skin? Discover the newest skincare innovation that allows the good bacteria on the skin's surface to thrive and your complexion to beam

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You’ll happily load up your plate with kimchi, pop a probiotic supplement, drink kombucha by the litre, or nosh on tempeh all in the name of your gut microbiome health. But it’s a little-known fact that your gut microbiome isn’t your only ‘biome’ – your skin has one too. And both are home to trillions of good (and bad) bacteria that need to be kept in check.

The thought of bacteria making home on our skin is enough to make it crawl, but think of this bacterium as your first line of defence against infection and environmental damage, and your secret weapon when it comes to regulating the skin’s pH levels, and your BFF to keep skin looking plump, dewy and healthy.

And with microbiome support products being one of the skincare industry’s newest trends, it’s no surprise to see clean beauty front-runners, Trilogy, incorporating an advanced microbiome support innovation into their skincare range – new Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum.

This skin-loving serum is loaded with postbiotic technology, which works in sync with the skin’s natural regenerative processes for a complexion that glows with health.

For the past 19 years, Trilogy has been at the forefront of clean innovation in the beauty space in Aotearoa. In 2021, Trilogy CEO Sue Hogan says the brand is “laser-focused” on delivering fresh formulations that fit the brief, including its new microbiome-loving serum that encourages good bacteria to thrive.

Not only this, but the brand has undergone a makeover of sorts — revealing a new look to reflect a playful new era for the brand, alongside reducing plastic in their packaging to utilise curbside recycling as much as possible. Their end game? Creating powerful skincare that in parallel works towards closing the loop on recycling.

Read on for everything you need to know about the skin microbiome, how to know if yours is under threat, and how this postbiotic-rich serum can help.

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What is the skin microbiome?

Think of your skin microbiome like an ecosystem of sorts — one that’s home to a trillion little microbes including bacteria, fungi and viruses, all of which co-exist on the skin’s surface. Some are good, some are bad, but all are important. The key here is to keep them in a state of balance — fostering the diversity and quality of the good bacteria, which in turn keeps the bad bacteria in check. The result? Everyone’s ultimate goal when it comes to skin — a healthy, radiant and robust complexion. 

Keeping the balance

A healthy skin microbiome brings with it a number of bonuses, all of which read like a wish-list of what our dream visage looks like: refined texture; even skin tone; balanced hydration and sebum levels; a smoother, more youthful
appearance to fine lines and wrinkles; faster recovery from external stressors like UV exposure and pollution; not to mention overall radiance.

So, how do you know if your skin microbiome is under threat? There are a few signs to look out for, all of which can be triggered by a poor diet, harsh skincare products, environmental aggressors and so on. It manifests as skin that’s dull and lacklustre, has dry patches or is scaly or blotchy, or uneven in texture. But it’s not always dehydration that indicates your microbiome is in dysbiosis; a disrupted microbiome can crop up as daily breakouts or persistent acne cysts. Redness, dullness and signs of premature ageing are also among the culprits that your skin microbiome isn’t functioning as well as it should. In extreme cases, it can present as acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. But there is something to be done, a way to restore a little skin peace once more.

Trilogy’s Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum, harnesses an advanced postbiotic formula to supercharge the skin’s microbiome renewal and collagen production simultaneously, leaving skin plumper, clearer and smoother. Designed as the second step in any skincare regime, this lightweight serum works perfectly when applied straight after cleansing — acting as the perfect base layer on which to apply the rest of your skincare. While this super serum is suited to all skin types (and can help support an already healthy microbiome) it’s of particular benefit to stressed-out or sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness, redness, breakouts or is showing signs of premature ageing — all signs of an unhealthy microbiome.

The unique, certified-natural (by NATRUE) formulation is powered by innovative postbiotic technology — and is packed with topical postbiotics designed to accelerate a balanced and renewed skin microbiome.

  • ProRenew Complex CLR™ is the postbiotic hero here, an innovative new ingredient which is loaded with cellular components of lactococcus lactis bacteria to improve microbial richness and diversity by up to 90%^ for a more balanced complexion.
  • KALIBIOME AGE is another postbiotic which helps increase the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin and stimulates collagen production to reduce the look of redness by 18.3%* and wrinkles by 13.1%**
  • Antioxidant-rich Ferment’Active Goji helps fight harmful free radicals, and has a 3.3x greater concentration of antioxidants than regular goji extract^^
  • Plant-derived hyaluronic acid boosts hydration levels in the skin to leave it plump and dewy.
  • Trilogy’s hero ingredient rosehip seed oil nourishes, renews and repairs.
  • Last but not least is white tea extract, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that gently tones, restores and improves skin condition.

Prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics – what’s the difference?

Chances are you’re already familiar with probiotics (live good bacteria) and prebiotics (the food for the probiotics) both of which are essential to achieving healthy gut flora. Postbiotics are different in that they’re the by-product of probiotics — a fertiliser or compost for your skin microbiome. This non-living probiotic regulates the entire microbiome ecosystem, the bugs themselves as well as the environment they live in. When used topically, postbiotics help keep the skin healthy by boosting its microbiome renewal, while stimulating collagen production, fortifying the skin’s barrier function and locking in hydration.

As New Zealand’s number one natural skincare brand for the past nine years, Trilogy has always remained at the forefront of clean innovation, and is leading the charge once again, this time in the realm of postbiotic skincare.

Trilogy Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum, $59.99, is available from Farmers, Chemist Warehouse, Life Pharmacy and other selected pharmacies. For more information or to shop online, visit Trilogyproducts.com, or scan the interactive QR code on the back of the packaging.

^Based on ingredient manufacturers technical assessment.
*Based on ingredient manufacturers test carried out by 15 volunteers applied twice daily after 3 days.
**Based on ingredient manufacturers test carried out by 20 volunteers applied twice daily over 6 weeks.
^^Based on ingredient manufacturers analysis of polyphenol concentration present as obtained by conventional extraction vs. fermentation process.



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