Rachel has returned from Los Angeles to launch her new book, 'Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty'. Photo / Supplied

Rachel Hunter's Travel & Wellness Inspired Beauty Routine

The Kiwi supermodel reckons that home or away there’s always more to learn and ageing is just part of the adventure

From sun-kissed Tip-Top Trumpet girl to centred 50-year-old, Rachel Hunter’s very public evolution is a study in down-to-earth progression. She reckons these days she’s at once more stable and more open to change than ever.

From feeling ugly as a teenager to appearing on multiple Vogue magazine covers to finding that the beauty worth truly cultivating is an inner one, Rachel has navigated her celebrity and bringing up two children through a rock star marriage and divorce with common sense and good grace. Her unaffected Kiwi curiosity stood her in good stead on her Tour of Beauty television series and it shines through in her new book of the same name, which she has returned from living in Los Angeles to launch.

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The easy to read but insightful book tracks her journey around the world to uncover beauty secrets from different cultures, while detailing Rachel’s own attitudes and how these have changed from the experience. India has become a place to which she is particularly attached, helping her develop her love of yoga and focus on meditating. More travel is always in the offing, but as to whether there will be a third Tour of Beauty series, the candid Rachel laughs and says: “Oh god I hope so. You’ll have to ask the TV network. Anyone out there wants to come and sponsor us?”

She’s equalling forthcoming in sharing her personal fairly fuss-free beauty routine with Viva, including how she this includes wellness rituals and why she uses a tongue scraper.

• Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, published by Bateman Books, $39.99 is out now.

Beauty ethos
I think there is evolution in beauty, how you decide to age. I find the journey external; I have always seen beauty in nature and in the outside world. For me it has definitely changed since when I was younger. I feel more stable as I get older. When you have more stability and a better connection with yourself and feel comfortable with yourself that’s when you find your own inner beauty.

Travel’s value
When you travel you experience different cultures and ways and your eyes open. I travelled when I was very young and I find the more you travel, eat different food, talk to different people it changes your view. I got exposed to different ways and cultures at a really rapid pace.

Next stop
I have a constant curiosity to discover different places, but you can find so much in your own country. I love coming home. There is nothing stopping us evolving into looking at different cultures. But there is so much to be learnt in our backyard.

NZ v the world
In New Zealand we do love to follow the trends, but we have amazing ingredients as far as products. Manuka, kawakawa, we are at an incredible tipping point of grasping those and it will be really interesting to see what happens in the future with our natural skincare products.

Rachel in Tokyo during her 'Tour of Beauty' TV series. Photo / Supplied

Makeup memories
When I younger I was a ballerina and with that came make-up for the stage. I didn’t really care about it, it was more lights, camera, action.

Best and worst looks
The public can vote on that, I have no idea, you think you look great, then someone takes a horrid shot and you think you look terrible.

Tricks of the trade
Contouring of the jawline and that’s it really.

Favourite products
That’s a mixed bag to be honest with you. I don’t really get attached to any certain brands. I really like a good moisturiser, good mascara, but at far as brands go, I just grab products I like. I love a good lip gloss too something that is really dewy, a really good foundation that helps covering up under the eyes with a sponge and a tongue scraper.

Daily routine
Moisturising in the morning and exfoliating at night mainly. (By the book, Rachel went into more detail, which follows).

A home fragrance collaboration with The Aromatherapy Company was inspired by Rachel’s travels and features some of her favourite beauty destinations interpreted in candles and diffusers. Photo / Supplied

AM: The first thing I do in the morning is have a shower. After my Hammam experience in Morocco, I learned about the importance of exfoliating the body so I will often do that. Once I’m out of the shower, I use a body moisturiser. It keeps my skin hydrated but it also ties into the ayurvedic practice of waking up the skin, by thoroughly massaging it.

• Once that’s done, I like to use a Gayatri mantra, which is a chant I learnt in India. It’s about honouring the sun and it helps build energy in the body — it always leaves me feeling very joyful and then wide awake. Then I meditate and do some yoga asana, which will include some breath work. I find that if I pay attention to my breath first thing in the morning, it’s easier to then check in throughout the day. How am I feeling? Am I breathing deeply into my stomach, not my chest?

• Before I eat or drink anything, I scrape my tongue. This is an ayurvedic practice based on the belief that during the night toxins from the body come out through the tongue and removing them first thing can help the body.

• I’m a big believer in minimal makeup — I use argan oil on my face and hair, and then moisturise my skin, followed by some light concealer under the eyes and some mascara. I always have rosewater spray in my bag to hydrate my skin during the day. I get my eyebrows threaded and dyed, so they’re easy to maintain.

• Speaking of maintenance… sometimes I do a wax around my chin, where I can occasionally grow the odd fine hair (I call them my goat hair!)

• My final step is to apply some fragrance: I’m a big fan of sandalwood and rose oil, which to me are the scents of India, and I also love an oud fragrance – the smoky, floral scent always reminds me of the markets in Morocco.

PM: In the evening, I will admit that I’m sometimes naughty and don’t always wash my face before bed (not sure if I should say this in a beauty book…) but I always apply moisturiser before bed.

• I also like to meditate for about 20 minutes. Before Tour of Beauty, I had dabbled around with meditation but since then it’s become an ingrained part of my daily routine. It makes me calmer, clearer and I believe happier!

India has become a place to which Rachel is particularly attached (pictured here with Sadhguru). Photo / Supplied

Treatment to try
I’m always curious when it comes to skincare, especially face masks. There is nothing more rewarding then putting on a really good moisturising face mask, the results are amazing.

Wellness to you is ...
If we can’t internally be well within ourselves, our choices externally are going to be different. Our inner wellness/wellbeing is looking at stabilising your system, nourishing yourself with enough food and water, not just plastering something on to look great. And of course, doing everything in moderation.

Beauty is…
To go and live in your full purpose, smile, laugh, enjoy yourself, fully step into yourself.

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