Reality TV Judge & Top Chef Judith Tabron's Beauty Routine

This Auckland hostess-with-the-mostest is fronting up again on new TV show My Restaurant Rules

Judith is one of two celebrity chef judges on TVNZ 2's new hospitality show - My Restaurant Rules. Photo / Supplied

“My life has gone from the frying pan to a whole new adventure,” says Judith Tabron.

The former queen of The Viaduct is set to debut as one of two celebrity chef judges on new reality show My Restaurant Rules. After a long sojourn presiding over Soul, the ultimate Auckland waterfront dining spot for ladies who lunch and businessmen who like to linger, re-entering the kitchen to check on other Kiwi hospitality businesses is a challenge she is looking forward to.

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“With so many good and innovative operators in the hospitality business today I’ve needed to equip myself with some new ideas and skills to take another big step.”

This smartly presented dynamo also enjoyed the chance to consult a stylist for some fresh ideas on her appearance. Then, before the show Judith headed overseas for “some new learning experiences” and no doubt a spot of shopping.

My Restaurant Rules premieres on Monday, September 30 on TVNZ 2 at 7:30pm.

Beauty ethos
It’s important to take time for yourself and do the things that will make you feel good. I love my hedonistic moments as much as the crazy hospitality world.

Style evolution
My style started out wearing a chef’s jacket and checkered pants five days a week at 16, when I started my apprenticeship at the Logan Park Hotel. It started to change when I was over in London working and experienced the lifestyle and fashion over there. It really took off when I met my first husband, who introduced me to top-end New Zealand brands.

When I travel, I try to purchase a few beautiful pieces that will give my outfit an individual edge. During the years I owned Soul Bar and Restaurant, we used to host a lot of fashion parades — the likes of Trelise Cooper, Yvonne Bennetti — those people helped me evolve my fashion too. My style has definitely come a long way since wearing chef whites most days!

Whilst in the kitchen, you can’t wear a lot of heavy makeup because of the heat, but I’ve always enjoyed getting my hair done, especially a blow wave if I’ve got an event or evening out. After working on My Restaurant Rules and having a stylist (Paula Taylor) work with me, I’m more confident in my clothing choices and also made some changes to the makeup I use as well.

Judith's earliest makeup memories included playing with testers at her holiday job at a chemist in Mangere Bridge. Photo / Supplied

Makeup memories
My earliest memories are working in the local chemist shop in Mangere Bridge late night after school on a Thursday and during the school holidays. It was fun, as we got to play with all the new makeup and the testers when they arrived in store! 

Best and worst looks
If you look back over the years, oh my goodness! I used to wear my hair in a bow up the top like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, which was pretty bad! Now I know if I’m going to get my photo taken, I’ll get my hair done by a hairdresser.

Pressure cooker tips
Always carry a powder in your handbag! I used Make Up For Ever’s high-definition pressed powder, which takes the glow off your face after you’ve been running around a hot restaurant.

Current approach
If I’m not leaving the house apart from some errands, I’ll wear mascara and lipstick, but if I’m going out in the evenings I’ll put on a full face — foundation, powder, mascara etc. After working with the stylist on set, I’ve made a few changes to my beauty routine with products. I changed my foundation base to a new Chanel one called Le Beige healthy glow foundation. The stylist started using it and I thought it looked better than the one I was using and it has SPF25 in it, which is great! I also changed blusher. I now use a Lancôme blusher (I believe the colour is just called ‘Brun'). The stylist Paula had been using this particular blush for a long time and still loves it.

Everyday routine
I use all Murad products. I generally try and pick them up (and stock up) from Sephora when I’m in America. I use the full range of them from eye creams, night creams and exfoliators when I’m washing my face morning and night with them. I really like that their moisturiser has SPF in it.

Judith maintains her blonde tresses by scheduling regular appointments with Sasha at Parnell salon Lenski. Photo / Supplied

Favourite products
For fragrance, it would have to be the Mont Blanc Presence. I’ve loved it for years, it’s spicy and has no sweet notes which is nice.
2. I’ve got fine hair, I like to apply mousse every day to add volume to it. I’m currently using the Kevin Murphy Body Builder to style it If I’ve had my hair recently blow waved, I like to use Kevin Murphy’s Dry Shampoo the following day as it keeps it fresh and helps the blow wave last longer.
3. My Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream for dry eyes is a fabulous moisturiser. It’s not irritating at all, which is really good, especially for such a sensitive area.
4. I like using the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. It’s great for travelling, especially when you’re spending time outdoors skiing or walking as it’s very moisturising and also has SPF in it. 

Hair and its care
I’ve got very fine hair. I have it coloured every 6-8 weeks with Sasha at Lenski in Parnell. He’s so booked out I have to book in all my colour appointments in January for the whole year! Not every appointment is a full head, often we’ll do touch up foils. When I’ve got any special events or I’m going to have photo taken, I’ll get my hair blow waved — Sasha does it best, so I always try to fit in with him if he’s got an appointment-free. I use a lot of the Kevin Murphy products — his shampoo, conditioner and [as mentioned] his dry shampoo to keep my blow wave fresh the next day!

With age, appearance is…
Lke a fine wine. Made with love, cellared with care and attention to detail and drunk with delight.

Beauty is… 
Self-confidence and character.

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