Breakout Stage Actor Roxanne Sarkari's Beauty Routine

This striking Aucklander, who is soon to be seen on stage in A Fine Balance, enjoys the self-expression of social media

Roxanne Sarkari appears in A Fine Balance. Photo / Supplied

Like many millennials Roxanne Sarkari enjoys experimenting with her look and has the pictures to prove it.

She graduated from the University of Auckland with a B.Com in 2014 and has worked for a big corporate accountancy firm, but is now doing digital marketing. Along the way, she picked up a black belt in karate, has modelled and regularly posts on Instagram. Next up is a support role in a production collaboration between Prayas Theatre and the Auckland Theatre Company.

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The companies are staging A Fine Balance, based on Rohinton Mistry’s Booker-shortlisted novel which tells the story of a diverse group of Indians living through the tumultuous State of Emergency in the mid-1970s. The season runs from June 14 until July 6 at Q Theatre.

Beauty ethos
My attitude to appearance has always been to enhance your natural beauty. Makeup is a great tool to accentuate what you already have. Over the years I’ve tried to integrate the idea of “less is more” into my daily routine.

Instagram and self-expression
Instagram is this platform which has really changed the way in which people are able to express themselves. I love it because it puts the power of influence and self-expression into the hands of anybody who wants to use it, however, this instant gratification comes hand-in-hand with instant feedback — it’s really important to know how to separate reality from the online world.

Selfie tips
Don’t take yourself too seriously! (…but a slightly high angle always does the trick for me).

Memorable transformation
When I was in high school, I did a 15-minute monologue as a Muslim girl living in France, explaining the injustice of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s proposal to ban the hijab. I wore no makeup, was covered head to toe in black and have never felt more empowered.

Least and most favourite looks
My least favourite is anytime I’m wearing a dark lip. With my pale skin and dark hair, I start resembling Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. (Note: This is not necessarily a bad thing — I love Morticia Addams). My favourite go-to look is a generous coat of mascara, natural bushy brows and a nude lip.

Roxanne has tried to integrate a less is more approach to her beauty routine. Photo / Supplied

Earliest makeup memory
The only makeup my mum would ever wear was this bright pink L’Oreal lipstick. I used to sneak into her bedroom, smear it on my lips and then in a futile effort to hide the fact, I would try to wipe it off with tissue paper — somehow, she would always know when I used it.

Tricks of the trade
Stage makeup and camera makeup is always applied with a slightly heavy hand because it needs to be seen from a distance or captured through the lens, but that’s basically where I learned how to contour my face. Of course, in real life day-to-day, I use a much lighter hand.

Your daily routine
Cleanse with Cetaphil, apply The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and then QV cream. In the night it’s the same routine, but also I use my Kiehl’s under-eye recovery cream and apply Lucas pawpaw balm on my eyelashes — it has made them really long and healthy.

Hair and its care?
Because my hair is so thick, I give it 4-5 days between washes. I’ve been doing this since I was a young girl and it means less oil gets produced from the follicles. Once in a while I will heat up extra virgin olive oil and massage it into my hair before washing it off; it leaves my hair feeling insanely smooth. Also, if you’re going to heat style — always use heat protectant.

Day-to-night transformation tip
Bronzed eyelids, fresh coat of gloss and a glass of wine!

Roxanne's favourite beauty products. Photo / Supplied

Five favourite products

1. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: I put this under my moisturiser every day and it makes my skin so soft and bouncy.

2. L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Hair: I use this before and after heat styling. It’s extremely hydrating and I love that it doesn’t give hair that oily feeling.

3. Lucas Pawpaw Lip Balm: I use this on my lips, eyelashes, eyebrows or any dry patches of skin, I carry it with me everywhere.

4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I discovered this mascara a few years ago and never looked back. Instant volume and length.

5. Benefit Gimme Brow volumizing fibre gel: This makes my eyebrows look like a better version of my eyebrows.

Treatment to try
Laser treatment for hair and scar removal — life changing. But I would recommend doing your research before approaching a clinic. An amazing face mask I learned from my mum is to mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, rose water and milk and apply on the face — its great at treating redness and giving your skin an amazing glow.

Beauty is…
Kindness. During high-school I had a lot of acne and was bullied for it; it affected my self-confidence and I was embarrassed to look people in the eye when I spoke to them. Over the years I’ve always remembered how important it is to be kind to one another — people might forget how you looked but they will always remember the way you made them feel.

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