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Seeking A Smoother, Firmer Visage? This Luxurious New Skincare Could Offer A Solution

Ceramides and a streamlined approach are a winning combination for Elizabeth Arden’s latest offering. Viva tries out its reformulated trio of creams to see if they really do lift, firm and hydrate

A fresh face can feel like an elusive goal. Life feels busier than ever, and with so many demands on our time, a complex skincare regimen can be an overwhelming proposition. From serums to sunscreens and everything in between, there’s not always time to use 12 products before you can get out the door in the morning. Luckily, there’s a luxurious and streamlined new range that offers high-end, cutting-edge care for your complexion with only a couple of steps.

Skincare experts Elizabeth Arden, a brand at the forefront of all things beauty, has just debuted its freshly reformulated Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Creams, offering a simpler route to beautiful skin. The top-shelf trio includes Day Cream, Day Cream With SPF15 and Night Cream.

The hero behind the range? Ceramides, the iconic ingredient that has become an Elizabeth Arden signature — who could forget those famously good Ceramide Capsules. And now, for an even more impactful way to help replenish and restore your skin, Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Creams have been impressively reformulated to have five times* the ceramide of the previous formulations.

What’s so special about ceramides? For the uninitiated, this waxy lipid molecule occurs naturally in the skin, but can deplete over time. Replenishing your skin with nourishing topical ceramides can help support and strengthen your barrier — protecting against moisture loss and creating a firmer appearance.

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Ceramides were a groundbreaking development in skincare when Elizabeth Arden launched those captivating biodegradable Ceramide Capsules in 1990, and they now form the cornerstone of the collection — recent additions Retinol, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid capsules target different skin concerns. The reformulation of Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Creams shows just how important ceramides still are at addressing skin concerns.

In the reformulated Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm range, this magical ingredient works alongside four important others as part of the brand’s signature 3D FIT Triple Active System to sculpt and smooth. In addition to the unique qualities of ceramides, tetrapeptides support firming and lifting by strengthening the skin, red algae helps foster peak hydration and long-lasting moisture, while edelweiss extract visibly tightens the skin and enhances contours, and vitamin E nourishes and protects your barrier.

Testing has shown this masterful combination can provide a more defined face and firming skin in as little as one week (impressive!) while also enhancing hydration instantly. The result? A face that looks smoother, fresher and more supple.

Hydration is a common skincare concern, as we grapple with the changing seasons, drying interior environments and daily mask-wearing. Tight, dry skin is never a good feeling. Someone with self-described “thirsty” skin and a busy lifestyle, award-winning photographer Babiche Martens knows all about balance. A successful, stylish woman with an appreciation for quality, whether it's shooting content for Viva, or caring for her family, she always aims for the best. Her approach to skincare is no different, so we tasked her with trialling the newly reformulated Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm range.

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Like many women, Babiche has struggled to find a day cream that works for her. Unlike others she’s tried, which felt thick and heavy when applied to her skin, Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream With SPF15 was considerably different. “Within a minute the incredibly fast-absorbing technology left no oily or shiny residue and my skin felt instantly protected and hydrated.”

And to Babiche’s surprise, this feeling travelled with her throughout her busy mask-wearing day. “I was stunned to find that at the end of the day the lower half of my face didn’t feel completely dehydrated — usually, I find myself reaching for whatever form of moisturizing cream I can find in my handbag.”

By afternoon her skin still felt “wonderful, hydrated and dewy.” The texture of the day cream was a delight too. “With its feather-light gel-cream being clearly that — a harmonic dance between a gel and a cream leaving my face feeling tighter, firmer and lifted.”

At the end of her busy day, Babiche seeks a moment to rest and pamper, a quick feat thanks to the streamlined Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm range, and the light touch of the Night Cream is something she appreciated. “It has just the right texture and depth which didn’t leave my skin drowning in oils like many night creams of the past.”

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The hydrated feeling also lasted through to the next day. “Come the morning my skin still feels hydrated and relaxed. When I step out of the shower my face doesn’t feel dry or in need of instant attention.”

It’s glowing praise for the range, and a testament to the reformulation — using the latest in the science-led skincare that has made Elizabeth Arden a sought-after staple. Famous for its expertise and elegance, the brand’s commitment to research and innovation is visible across its popular offering, spanning everything from the cult Eight Hour Cream to the cutting-edge Prevage 2.0. And if you’re anything like Babiche, the reformulated Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm is sure to be another fan-favourite.

*based on reformation vs. existing Lift and Firm Cream

Reformulated with five times more* ceramide, Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream ($165), Day Cream and Day Cream SPF15 (both $155) are available at department stores and selected pharmacies. Discover the range at Farmers.co.nz 

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