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Simple Winter Wellness Ideas

Getting through the cold months might require a little motivation. Here's a few ideas to keep you going.

During winter, it pays to focus even more so on our bodies and how we're feeling.

From getting enough sleep to keeping colds at bay, there are several easy ways to ensure we take some time to look after ourselves.

Here are some easy ideas we're re-visiting for winter:

- If you find baking comforting and therapeutic, prepare an easy to make sponge cake, perfect with a soothing cup of herbal tea.

- Experience the benefits of an infrared sauna or red light therapy session.

- Give your skin some much-needed attention and try some recommended face-masks

- Easier said than done, but once you learn how to meditate properly, you'll be surprised at how easier it is to sleep better and feel calmer.

Take a leaf out of influencer pup Boobie Billie's book and indulge in some self-care. Photo / @boobie_billie Instagram

- If you're on a budget, why not try making your own natural face mask at home.

- If you like to hear from other people's self-care tips and personal experiences to help you decide, why not try these self-care tips from the Viva team.

- Need a good night's sleep? Prepare for bedtime with these top tips.

- Discover the healing properties of natural remedies and make your own homemade kawakawa and lavender balm.

- Switching off can be hard for many of us, but consider the benefits of a true digital detox.

- Save yourself the hassle of cooking and focus on good company and easy meals by having a winter pot-luck dinner with friends.

- Cosy up in a luxurious Pyjamas, pour yourself a glass of wine and watch some of our favourite fashion films.

- Cook yourself a nourishing Sunday roast that will fill your home with warmth. Try this delicious recipe ; or try these hassle-free slow-cooked recipes.

- Download and listen to some of these soothing sounds, perfect for a Sunday off-duty or for your morning commute to work.

- Get up, dance and shake it out by learning a fun TikTok routine.

- For those that enjoy the outdoors, why not get your hands dirty and enjoy the benefits of winter gardening.

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