In good company: Anika will join Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru to co-host The Hits drive show from Monday September 30. Photo / Supplied

Singer & Presenter Anika Moa's Beauty Routine

The hilarious take-no-prisoners presenter describes her style as hori/chic and is proudly not beholden to anyone

When Anika Moa first came into the public eye as a talented young singer-songwriter she soon found there was music industry pressure “to present as a certain type of woman”.

She dealt with it in the sort of unapologetically real way that has in nearly two decades won her affection, transitioning from chart-topper to anarchic but warm-hearted television interviewer to crooner of baby lullabies.

“I told them to deal with it. I'm me, myself and I. My fashion sense is me and I don't give a flying …. what anyone else thinks but ME. Much like Taylor Swift, lol.”

Anika, mother to three boys and daughter Marigold who was born in February, laughs that baby spew can be part of her look these days. Getting ready quickly is a necessity in her busy Auckland household.

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A media mum — like her television producer wife Natasha Utting — Anika is taking up a co-hosting role on The Hits drive-time radio show from Monday, September 30. With a proven gift of the gab, from interviewing on Maori TV and then the Anika Moa Unleashed series for TVNZ, plus fill-in presenting on Seven Sharp, the 39-year-old should have no trouble slotting in beside The Hits co-hosts Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru.

A pre-booked date lending support at the first Tairawhiti Arts Festival will take her to Gisborne the very next weekend after beginning what she says is her first “proper job”.

Anika will appear at the Up, Up and Away, Manu Aute Kite Day for friends and whanau on Saturday, October 5. No doubt a few familiar tunes from her Songs for Bubbas recordings will be on the play list. The next evening she’s in action again at a concert, Under an East Coast Moon, with Teeks, Dave Dobbyn, Annie Crummer and other top artists.

The festival runs from October 4 until October 20, find out more at

After the festival opening weekend, Anika will be back to the Hits studio and thankful that on shifts following messy domestic days she’s behind a microphone not on camera.

My appearance is … Brilliance and messiness all at once!

Beauty ethos
I like a natural look and never wear make-up to feel good, I wear it to extend my feeling of goodness. 

Style evolution
My style is hori/chic... but then I can bust out a lovely number, a lovely look and then back into my mom pants and spew top. I love summer for its easiness and you don’t have to wear much. I love when my hair goes curly in the heat. I also love being near a warm fire in the winter with scarves and hats.

Makeup memories
I only started to wear makeup in my late twenties and I'm so-so about it. I love that it can accentuate what you already have and I'm a FIRM believer that you are already beautiful without makeup. 

Supermarket v show time
Haha supermarket is jeans, baggy pants, spew tops, old jackets and performing or filming is makeup, nice frocks and wine! 

Everyday beauty routine
Wash body quickly, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel for my mug, Dermalogica Phyto-nature Firming Serum and Skin Smoothing Cream, a lob of deodorant and a splash of body moisturiser and I'm out the door! No night time routine except brush teeth and floss before bed.

Favourite products
1. Anything from Dermalogica. I have sensitive skin so it's the bomb for that. 
2. Redken Powder Drip and Redken Wax Blast because hair is so important to me
3. Any perfume by Curio Noir. [Founder] Tiffany [Jeans] is a perfume genius.

Transformation tip
Eat kai and sleep well. Stay calm and try and be as happy as you can. That's beauty to me!

Hair and its care  
I love my short look and really try to look after my hair! 

Treatment to try
Massage retreat with self-love vibes and really yummy kai and good music and friends and wine and fires and cosiness and mostly LOVE. 

Beauty to you is… KINDNESS AND HAPPINESS. Also — boobies.

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