Test Drive: Reiki Facial

Beauty editor Janetta Mackay tries out a holistic treatment

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The promise: For mind, body, soul and skin. A truly holistic treatment to leave you lighter, happier and glowing. Combines the skin balancing and hydrating properties of the Classic Facial by Ashleigh Scott, with energetic reiki healing.

The practise: I’m given a rundown on what to expect, which to a sceptic like me sounds like a good facial with the add-on of some hand-waving above my body. Therapist Vicki is both an experienced facialist and a trained reiki practitioner. She tells me the practice is about releasing negative energies and promoting positive ones. It takes its name from the component words: “rei” meaning spiritual consciousness and “ki” or life force energy. I’m told reiki can be used as a complementary therapy for the likes of anxiety and illness or simply to promote positivity.

Reiki works on a person’s seven chakras and can be both hands-on and hands-off, she explains. I’m asked to select from seven corresponding essential oils to be added to the massage oil base oil and I settle on two that apparently relate to my third eye or emotional state and my throat area, which also suggests an up-tightness.

Vicki soon lulls me into a soothed state with the facial steps and it is only when my eyes suddenly start fluttering that I remember her saying I might find during reiki that my heart beat has sped up. Indeed it has, and I open my eyes to see her with her hands above my upper body. I breathe deeply to try to regain my equilibrium and soon settle as she finishes her chakra pass over and applies some final skincare to ready me to face the world with refreshed skin.

The place: The Facialist by Ashleigh Scott, Shed 16, City Works Depot, 2-16 Sale St, Auckland, ph (09) 337 0023. Visit ashleighscott.co.nz

The price: $220 for 75 minutes.

The verdict: Interesting. I’m not sure why or how my heartbeat increased, but it definitely did. I’d be keen to repeat the experience to see if it happened again. The facial was good and I was left feeling relaxed. As to my previously ignored chakras, I hope they enjoyed the unexpected workout.

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