The Best Fresh Juice in Auckland

After a healthy drink? Don't go passed these spots for juice in Auckland

There are plenty of places selling good juice in Auckland. Picture / Babiche Martens.

"The green cold-pressed juice at Misters on Wyndham St is my go-to when I need a shot of goodness. Its combo of collard greens, Granny Smith apple, pear, parsley, cucumber and mint. You can taste the vitality with every sip." — Amanda Linnell, managing editor

"I'm staunch when it comes to my cold-pressed juices and accept none of the cheap imitations currently flooding the market. Firstly, it must be organic, (no point pressing all that goodness if it's flooded with pesticides) it must be fresh with no HPP (a high pressure pasteurisation system that allows juices to still be called ‘raw' and ‘unpasteurised’ even when they have a shelf life upwards of a month) and they must be high in vegetables and not sweet, cheap fruit. For me Little Bird is the most trustworthy, consistently checking all those boxes. My number one favourite at the moment is the ‘Clean Greens' where tangy cold-pressed green juice is mixed with the sweetness of freshly cracked coconut water and a cleansing superfood boost of chlorella. I can feel the hit of goodness straight to my veins." — Rebecca Wadey, wellbeing editor

"I’ve never been a big fan of hardcore green juice (too intense, not sweet enough) but the refreshing ‘No 01’ from Well + Good has converted me — made up of celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, silverbeet, lettuce, parsley, coriander and lemon, it has more than half a kilo of green veg per bottle. The other cold pressed options from the City Works Depot juicery are great too." — Zoe Walker, associate editor

"As much as I like getting my vege hit through a liquid form, I prefer my juice to still taste refreshing. The 'Kool Kale' from Ethos Cafe in East West Organics is nice and fresh with cucumber, melon, lemon, mint and kale." — Jessica Beresford, digital producer

"The 'Liver Lover' is easy to find, coming as it does from Tank Juice Bars, and I like the mix of carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger. The basic 'Vitamin C' with pineapple, lemon and orange is refreshingly simple too." — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

"I never would have imagined the combo of apple, beetroot and celery could taste so good in a juice. Since my favourite flavour from Tank has been taken off the menu, 'ABC' from Liquids for Life is now my favourite go-to. Housed in the Ceres Fresh Market in Ponsonby Central, you know your getting fresh organic produce." — Lucy Casley, design and digital assistant

"It might not be as fancy as some of the other juice joints out there, but for value you can’t beat a fresh fruit or vegetable juice from Ponsonby Friends, located in the centre of the Ponsonby Food Court." — Rosie Kelway, writer

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