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The Green Beauty Movement: What's Next?

Year after year, more people are turning to natural products for their skin and beauty needs

As we head into 2019, here are HealthPost’s top beauty trends to help maintain a youthful and glowing complexion, naturally.

To look at skin health more completely, it’s important to look at what’s going into the body through nutrition and how the body is functioning. Healthy skin from the inside out is a key concept to embrace and includes consuming a sufficient amount of water, clean whole foods, omegas - including hemp oil, probiotics, and food-based antioxidants to support protection from the aging process. And collagen. Lots of collagen. Following on from eating superfoods to support our wellbeing, we will start to see more superfood ingredients in skincare products such as kale, spinach and green tea, all of which contain antioxidants that help support skin structure and integrity.

Consumers want to know what’s in their product, if it’s good for them, and of course, want products that work. Gone are the days where choosing natural means you’re sacrificing effectiveness. The rise of natural products has meant a rise in technology of patented natural ingredients that have scientific studies behind them. With concentrated plant extracts, plant peptides and The Green Beauty Movement: What’s next? enzymes, it’s never been a better time to switch to natural and clean label products. Plant-based and vegan products are likely to continue to increase as the cruelty-free movement grows.

As well as being healthy to use with ‘good’ ingredients, people are also considering the impact their product will have on the environment. Will the empty bottle that our favourite shampoo was contained in take 1000 years to break down? Was it made from fossil fuels? As consumers, we’re looking for products that do better — for us, and for the planet — but that doesn’t mean we want to give up anything in terms of quality. New Zealand beauty brand Ethique are a strong contender in this space, with completely compostable packaging. They’ve already saved the planet from over 1 million bottles of personal care.

The time of supporting local, small businesses who stand by their values is resonating strongly with consumers who want to make sure their dollar is going somewhere worthy. Smaller boutique brands are competing well with the bigger cosmetic companies, with more agility and flexibility for changing formulations based on feedback. A more realistic and authentic beauty movement is shaking things up as smaller independent makers with a philosophy of ‘Real Beauty’ and no photoshopping is appealing to many consumers.

We want to know that what we are buying is going to work for us, and thanks to technology, this capability is expected to grow in the skin care industry. Manufacturers are finding ways to give us a personalised experience in order to get the exact product we’re after. We’ll be able to choose our skincare based on quick tests and come away with a formulation that’s suited especially for our needs.

Hemp seed oil
An exciting ingredient being introduced into skincare, Hemp Seed oil is rich in nourishing fatty acids that help to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hemp helps to balance oil production and doesn’t clog pores so it’s ideal for those trying to balance oily skin and acne. Hemp seed oil doesn’t contain any psychoactive substances, so no need to worry.

It’s no surprise that probiotics may start to be found in our serums when there is so much popularity around fermented foods with consumers at the moment. Certain probiotics in skincare can support immune response and reactivity as well as support healthy regeneration of skin cells.

Author: Liz Jury is a Registered Naturopath with over 16 years of experience in natural health. As the President of the Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ) and the Natural Health Expert at HealthPost, Liz is passionate about health education and helping others to lead naturally healthy lives.

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SuperFeast – Beauty Blend 
A specially formulated blend of wild-crafted goji, pearl powder and Schizandra that helps to nourish and bring radiance to the skin from the inside out.

Good Health – Imaglow Advanced Collagen Formula 
Marine collagen with vitamin C and evening primrose oil works from within to support skin elasticity, firmness, and a smooth, youthful appearance.

New Hemisphere Hemp Capsules 
This extra virgin, cold-pressed hemp oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids to nourish and support healthy skin from within.

Misty Day Plant Potions - Pretty Brew 
Formulated with organic maqui berry, goji berry and rose petal, this floral and vegan-friendly mix helps to support skin moisture and a healthy glow.

Radiance – Collagen Beauty Gummies 
Provides a high dose of bioavailable collagen peptides for a healthy and youthful complexion in a delicious 99.9% sugar-free gummie.

Ethique – Heali Kiwi Solid Shampoo Bar  
This 100% soap free shampoo bar is equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo. Full of kiwifruit oil, oats and calendula, this soothing formulation is ideal to calm irritated scalps and prevent flakiness.

Shop online for all at HealthPost.co.nz.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. Healthpost, Collingwood.

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