7 Rich and Creamy Moisturisers For Silky Soft Skin

When dry winter skin hits, turn to softer, more cosseting skincare, says Janetta Mackay

Give your skincare regimen the milky treatment, says Janetta Mackay. Photo / Getty Images.

Dehydrated skin needs gentle cleansing and an infusion of moisture to rebalance its condition. After summer, it’s common for people with a variety of skin types — dry to combination and even oilier complexions — to suffer some dehydration, so righting the balance before winter arrives is advisable.

As it moves from warm and humid to windy and drying, it’s best to have the barrier layer and lipids replenished. It won’t be long before the frazzled feeling intensifies as the heating is cranked up. Where a few months ago, oil-free or gel-light skincare may have seemed the best choice, your skin will be wanting to lap up something a little milkier or creamier.

From rich, creamy moisturisers to lightweight cleansing milks, these skincare picks are the cream of the crop. Photos / Supplied.

1. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream $103
Claiming inspiration from Granny-knows-best formulas, boosted with African botanical oils, this cult cream is made without fragrance, silicone and essential oils. So it’s easily tolerated and delivers a light-as-air feel while leaving skin soft, supple and smooth. Antioxidant green tea seed ferment and a hyaluronate add impact. The fast-growing Drunk Elephant brand is just six years old and is expected to be snapped up by a bigger company attracted by its Insta popularity. 

2. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream $62
The recent reformulation of Kiehl’s global best-seller has retained the popular light non-greasy feel while delivering enhanced hydration testing results on a product that has already been taken to extremes — Mt Everest no less. It’s also a ‘cleaner’ version, becoming one of the last of the company’s products to ditch parabens as customer preferences around certain ingredients have changed. Reformulating existing popular items is always tricky; this one took more than five years to finalise. This choice, which includes olive-derived squalene, is a good one for people who look for function before frippery. 

3. Kotia Hydrating Day Cream $69
This isn’t just creamy, it contains actual deer milk. From a world first launch that Viva wrote about several months ago, this New Zealand product is particularly worth considering for cooler days, nicely straddling the ongoing need for sunscreening with a replenishing formula. Absorbs easily and has a light citrus scent which makes a change from floral ones. 

4. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water $14
To my mind, Garnier Micellar Water is one of beauty’s best buys for quick and easy cleansing. Now the economical and effective no-rinse clear formula has been given the milky treatment with added hydrating ingredients in a bid to comfort those worried that the water alone may leave their skin feeling tight. I tried the formulas on either side of my face. The milky one has a more gel-like consistency, but it still wipes off easily and I didn’t notice much difference in after-effects. Personally I’ll stick with the original simpler formula, but it all comes down to textural preference. Everyone can benefit from the convenience of a micellar cleansing option on standby, as a gentler option than using most wipes, so if you haven’t experimented with type one yet, now there’s two to choose from. From department stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

5. Aesop Gently Facial Cleansing Milk $70
This skin-nourishing way to wash is Aesop’s first milk-format facial cleanser. Suited to dry skins, it not only washes gently but also contains panthenol (Provitamin B5) to help prevent dryness afterwards. The aromatic appeal is a plus and here sandalwood and lavender have been chosen so as not to aggravate sensitive types. For makeup removal, apply with a damp cotton cloth or pad to speed cleansing, otherwise take time to massage into the face and neck before the required rinsing. A 100ml glass bottle, $45,
is available. 

6. L’Officine Universe Buly 1803 Cleansing Milk $71
The French have long been partial to cleansing milks and this version is a modern-day interpretation of apothecary style. It contains shea butter and sesame oil, with beeswax and chamomile floral water to soothe irritated and dry skin. The brand was started by a Parisian couple keen to blend 19th century beauty secrets with contemporary know-how. The results are charmant. 

7. Korres Santorini Body Milk $26
The almond oil, aloe and shea butter formula of this Greek-made range would have your skin ready for island hopping in no time, or let the fresh light Santorini fragrance transport you. There’s other enticing aromas as well, and the product comes in two sizes, with the $4 travel tubes a great way to find a favourite. 

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