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How to Turn Laundry Into a More Enjoyable Experience

Simple ideas might help you to feel more inspired when it comes to doing your laundry

With useful, pretty tools and a few nifty hints, these simple ideas might help you to feel more inspired when it comes to doing your laundry.

Invest in a Basket
Invest in a lovely looking laundry basket. Whatever your aesthetic might be, vintage-look wire or natural and woven, it makes for a pleasant place for your clothes to hang out until you are ready to fold them.

Separate Your Delicates
A simple mesh bag can help you care for your delicate and intimate clothing. Separate them from the rest of your load, and place them into the mesh bag before placing them into the machine. It will keep them in good shape and make them last a lot longer. This is a simple habit to get into, but one many people forget.

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Wool Dryer Balls
Have you tried wool dryer balls? They’re fairly easy to find and they help to keep your laundry soft, knock out wrinkles and reduce the drying time. They are completely natural, being made from felted wool, and will last forever. Simply pop them in your dryer along with your clean washing. Your wallet (and the planet) will thank you!

Daily Washing
If you have a large family like I do, you might find it easier to do a load of washing each day. When it comes to folding?it and putting it away, it won’t take you as long as a week’s worth will and won’t feel like such a chore. Just make sure that if it is not a full load, you set the water level to medium or low so as not to use more water than needed.

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Conscious Folding
Fold your washing consciously. Next time you have a mountain of clothing to get through, pop on some relaxing music - or enjoy silence if that’s your thing. Take the time to intentionally slow down, imagining it to be an enjoyable ritual, rather than a chore you despise. You can apply this mindset to other household chores, too. More often than not, we are hardwired to dislike housework, but if you’re doing it on the daily, wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy it?

Declutter Your Wardrobe
Putting clothes away is much more pleasant when?you don’t have to stuff them into already-crammed drawers or cluttered shelves. Friends are often surprised when they see how sparse my wardrobe is, which usually consists of only 10–15 items of clothing. I’m content wearing the same, beautiful clothes in heavy rotation - in fact it makes life so much easier! Each item is considered carefully for its practicality, quality and ability to mix and match. This same rule is applied to almost everything in our home, and it makes tidying so much easier.

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