Turns Out There's Some Truth To The Phrase 'Beauty Sleep'

Can you sleep your way to better skin?

A new study confirms the science behind beauty sleep — that our skin's collagen stores replenish themselves most while we slumber. Photo / Getty Images

The subject of beauty sleep has long been debated, but finally science has confirmed it to be true: a good night’s sleep is the secret to achieving a glowing complexion.

A study published in the medical journal Nature Cell Biology unearthed how the body replenishes its collagen stores while we slumber — more specifically the direct link between the body’s circadian rhythm and the skin’s ability to synthesise collagen.

Believed to be the building blocks of the body, collagen is the protein responsible for providing strength and structure to the bones, muscles, tendons, and of course, skin.

Collagen offers skin its bouncy texture and youthful glow, but as we age, our collagen stores deplete, resulting in dullness and wrinkles.

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Lead researchers discovered we have two different types of collagen — a thicker type which is established within the body at 17 years old and remains unchanged we age, and the other a thinner, sacrificial type of collagen which breaks down under environmental stress such as pollution or UV exposure.

Laboratory testing revealed the importance of sleep in regenerating this thinner type of collagen, which repaired itself before fusing with other permanent fibres during times of rest.

It’s a sentiment shared by Lisa Walker, a leading health specialist at BePure, who agrees the term beauty sleep has a number of scientific truths behind it.

“When we have quality deep sleep our body is provided with the opportunity to rest, repair and rejuvenate. It is during these restful hours that our body repairs and regenerates skin cells, produces collagen and enhances healing,” she says.

“Adequate quality sleep also helps to balance our stress and sex hormones, which can increase acne, blemishes and premature signs of ageing when it's out of whack.”

The way in which skin ages is down to a combination of genetics and epigenetics, also known as environmental and lifestyle factors like sleep.

The effects of sleep deprivation on skin are many — and range from an increased production of sebum leading to blemishes or acne, through to an increase in the levels of free radicals in the body which can lead to “inflammaging”.

“Inflammaging is a term used to describe ageing induced by chronic, persistent, underlying inflammation that exhausts the skin's defense system. This weakens skin structure, degrades collagen and elastin production and impairs the skin's barrier function — hello saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles,” Lisa says.

Lisa recommends aiming for seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night to improve mental function, metabolism and immunity, not to mention its impact on your appearance.

The best way to calculate your bedtime? “Take your weekday waking time and count back 7-9 hours to find your ideal bedtime. For example, if you need to be up at 5am, your goal is to be in bed asleep between 8 and 10pm,” Lisa says.

She adds that the most optimal window for deep, restorative sleep is between 10pm and midnight — a time during week the body performs most of its rejuvenating processes, including healing and repairing skin.

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STOCKISTS: BePure from selected health food stores and pharmacies, or online at Bepure.co.nz; BraveFace from Life Pharmacies, The Facialist or online at BraveFace.com; Elizabeth Arden from Farmers or online at Farmers.co.nz, or see Elizabetharden.co.nz; Estee Lauder from selected department stores and pharmacies, or online at Esteelauder.co.nz; Frank Body and REN from Mecca or online at Meccabeauty.co.nz; Mindful Tea from selected independent retailers or online at Mindfultea.co.nz; Votary from Sephora or online at Sephora.nz.

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