How the Viva Team Relaxes

After the work is done, here's how the team unwinds from the stresses of the day

Dog walking can be relaxing. Picture / 123RF

Dog walking
"It's an infectious exercise in being focused on another being which takes great delights in the simplest of things and so allows you to share the pleasure of fresh air, following your nose, scampering about and coming home happy and ready for rest." — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

Go for a run
"Crazy but true, but running is my way of relaxing. I love the freedom of it - especially early in the morning when the air is clean and fresh and I have some good cranking tunes to carry me along. — Amanda Linnell, managing editor

Watch sailing
"I was on a plane during the finals for the America’s Cup but they managed to screen it live, so I was happy about that because being on a plane is equally relaxing.  Something about the water and the way the boats move I find soothing. I’m still learning more about the rules of the game as everything tends to be very intermittent in sailing, but it’s a sport I enjoy watching at home or at a bar." — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

Do a jigsaw/Watch cricket
"There were always jigsaws in the house when I was a child, and now when I have a few days off visiting family, we often spend the evenings poring over a jigsaw, with a glass of wine and some snacks. It sounds nerdy, but the phones are discarded, the TV is ignored, and we just chat in a stream of consciousness way. Maybe having the rhythmical, almost subconscious act of sorting through the pieces allows your mind to wander, and we have some really great convos and lots of laughs. I also find having cricket on the radio or the TV really relaxing." — Shandelle Battersby, lifestyle editor

Chat with Mum
"If I'm really stressing I'll call my mum and she'll talk me out of whatever panic I'm in. I wish I could pay her a therapist's rate - she'd be a rich lady." — India Essuah, digital assistant

Pat a cat/Go for a bush walk
"I am seriously unchill, but giving my cats a cuddle helps me to unwind. Seems obvious, but it works. A bush walk also takes me back to growing up in the Waitakere Ranges and "playing" in our bush backyard - it doesn't happen often, but when it does it helps me take a big chill pill." — Zoe Walker, associate editor

Potter over a podcast
"Ever since Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, I’ve missed my dose of a funny Jewish man ranting about politics, culture and the ills of society. Then I discovered another Jewish stand-up comedian, Marc Maron and his weekly podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, and have been hooked. Despite being a little too American-centric and self-indulgent at times, I do love that type of humour… cutting, intelligent and raw. Coupling a funny podcast with a potter around the house is my idea of a good unwind. Go figure!" — Shoba Pillai, digital producer

Watch Shortland Street
"My evening relaxing go-to is Shortland Street. It's so bad that it's good, I'm not even sure what's going on half the time as I tune in just for background noise. There's just something so comforting and familiar with the bad lighting, drama and Kiwi accents. It's pretty much the only TV that I watch." — Babiche Martens, photographer

Organise my room
"Organisation feels theraputic and gives me a sense of self-achievement and I feel good about myself before I turn the lights off for the night. I often end up folding my clothes and getting my products and jewellery in order, which is a great alternative to watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. How you begin your day can influence the rest of it, so by waking up to an organised room, I am beginning my day positively." — Lucy Casley, designer

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