SkyCity corporate events manager Lizzie Leuchars. Picture / Guy Coombes.

Body + Balance: SkyCity's Lizzie Leuchars

The busy corporate events manager is just as likely to turn heads as the people she's hosting

Each day is entirely different in SkyCity corporate events manager Lizzie Leuchars’ fast-paced life. One day she could be mingling with Zara Phillips, Prince Charles or Heidi Klum and the next it could be the Prime Minister of China.

She oversees up to six events at any given time, and her energy and enthusiasm levels rarely waver. You can always spot her across the room in her lively outfits and bright lipstick. “I guess I might be known for having a penchant for sparkly stuff in my wardrobe,” she says.

Inspiring quotes help to keep her motivated. “I have a list of inspirational quotes on my office wall and some are in my phone.”

She works on events ranging from small, intimate functions to large-scale gala dinners — one important black tie dinner she worked on recently was for World Vision, helping to raise funds for the more than 12 million people affected by the crisis in Syria.


At the moment I’m reading a book borrowed from my daughter, The Resistance Man — Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker. And these books are always beside my bed, Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain, and Glad to Be Me: Building Self-esteem in Yourself and Others by Dov Peretz Elkins. Also I keep a collection of quotes from Shakespeare, Maslow, Goethe and George Bernard Shaw.

I enjoy the gym. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, however being fit gives me the energy to take on anything.

People who inspire me are my husband, daughter, son, mother, the talented people I work with, and knowing I will encounter inspiring people at every turn.

I don’t do fads. However, I do get passionately involved with whatever I am working on, I want it to be the best it can be.

My mother always says “You seldom regret what you do; you often regret what you don’t do.” I find staying positive is essential, and making sure to enjoy all the rich experiences life brings.

I love great food and hospitality. Of course I am totally spoiled for choice around the Federal St precinct at SkyCity. I try to be mindful of my portions. That first mouthful is always the most tempting and exquisite.As Oscar Wilde wrote: “I can resist anything except temptation.”

I have many mentors. The encounters I have with people personally and in my role at SkyCity inspire me daily. I love their passion, enthusiasm, courage, generosity of spirit and can-do attitudes. They are people from all walks of life: sport, business, ideology, philanthropy, I know I am so lucky that my path has crossed with theirs.

As mentioned earlier — my little books of Creative Visualisation and Glad to be Me empower me to reach for the stars and I hold them tight when I am challenged one way or another. My many inspirational quotes hold me on course as well. “It’s not over till it’s all good, and if it’s not all good, it’s not over.”

I don’t do retreats. I like being in the action. I am lucky that I have the opportunity to experience international travel from time to time and there are always new places to see and explore.

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