Eight Small Ways to Change Your Life

What we learnt from wellbeing speakers Jason Shon Bennett, Megan May and Damian Chaparro at the Viva Sessions Change Your Life talk

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The panel at the Viva Sessions 'Change Your Life' event were asked to share quick and helpful ideas across food, mindfulness and fun. Here, a selection of their tips:

1. Study centenarian cultures. They live the longest, healthiest lives and have the lowest rates of disease.

2. Just breathe. Take 15 minutes to sit and focus on breathing — if you don’t have 15, take 10, and if you don’t have 10 take five.

3. Dance! This was a big theme on the night, with each speaker saying they wish they danced more.

4. Try new things. Life is short; you have got to do what you want, go after it and experience new things.

5. Go for a dip in the ocean or do a yoga class – you will always feel better for it, and no one ever regrets a yoga class.

6. Keep a food journal and record how your body reacts to certain foods.

7. Go for a walk. Nature isn’t created flat, so get off the footpath and go off roading. Or, run fast - when was the last time you went for a sprint?

8. Set an intention for the day. A good place to do this in the shower, the perfect place to take time out for yourself.

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