Who are the most digitally influential New Zealand models?

From Jaime Ridge to Zippora Seven, we look at the biggest digital model influencers

Seon Hwang and Teresa Moore. Pictures / Instagram

1. Jaime Ridge
Jaime (Red 11) is an obvious choice when thinking of digitally influential models, being a socialite/celebrity in her own right. It's no surprise she has more than 16,000 Twitter followers, 38,000 Instagram followers and 15,000 Facebook followers.

Jaime Ridge. Picture / Instagram

2. Seon Hwang
Streets ahead of most of the pack and a bit of a surprise to many, the Korean-born, New Zealand-raised model (Clyne) has a whopping 40,048 Instagram followers to date (and climbing!).

Seon Hwang. Picture / Instagram

3. Teresa Moore
Model/fashion and food blogger Teresa (62 Models) has not only modelling representation, but brand representation too. As the saying goes, she's not a businessman, she's a BUSINESS, man. She has more than 22,000 Twitter followers and 17,000 Instagram followers.

Teresa Moore. Picture / Instagram

4. Zippora Seven
Who many would name New Zealand's "coolest" model, Zippora (Unique Models), rounds out the set with 14,820 Instagram followers to date.

Zippora Seven. Picture / Instagram

Other top model Instagrammers to check out:
Upwardly mobile Holly Rose Emery (Red 11) with 11,000 followers, and Victoria's Secret catwalker Jessica Clarke (Clyne), newcomer Maia Cotton (62 Models) and Georgia Fowler, with more than 10,000 followers.

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