Models from the Viva Sessions wear M.A.C’s new Powder Kiss Lipstick. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

Why We're Loving Powder-Finish Lipsticks Right Now

Go hazy crazy for powdery kisses with the trend that combines colour and softness

Powder-finish lipsticks leaving a softly diffused matte colour are a dreamy choice among the many new lip formulas popping up.

The look featured on the runway at the Viva Sessions spring/summer show, where models used not one but two shades for a doubly clever take on highly pigmented lipstick with a difference.

From powderised to metallicised and lacquered, there’s no denying lipsticks are undergoing a revolution. Lighter textures are now an underlying feature across whichever of the finishes you fancy.

We’re especially loving how the mix of pigment and powder provides a new way of injecting colour without a heavy hard-edged feel. It’s a trend that’s translated from Asia, where suffused shades are all the rage.

M.A.C’s Powder Kiss Lipstick, $40, is available in 16 shades. Photo / Supplied

Don’t resort to the old trick of dusting translucent face powder over your standard lipstick to mattify and fix it, the best new powder-finish lipsticks glide on comfortably with lightweight ease but contain powder microspheres to blur the lip contours.

We’re especially impressed with M.A.C’s new Powder Kiss Lipstick, $40, in 16 shades (as seen on our model image) and Shiseido’s Modern Matte Powder Lipstick, $48.50, in a 24-strong selection.

At Viva Sessions, M.A.C’s senior national artist Kiekie Stanners used the new M.A.C Powder Kiss Lipstick in a graduated way. She applied My Tweedy Powder Kiss Lipstick all over the lips, with a #239 Brush to create a diffused softened edge to the lips. Then Mandarin O Powder Kiss Lipstick was pressed through the centre of the lips to create a deeper matte stain to intensify the lip colour.

A finishing touch to get added value and fun from your lipstick is to multi-task with it. At the show, she used the My Tweedy shade with a #159 Duo Fibre Blush Brush, to sweep the same lip colour over the highest part of the models’ cheeks and on to the bridge of the nose to give a peachy sun-kissed effect to the face that beautifully complements the lips.

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