Auckland's Top Stylists Share Their Gorgeous, Windproof Hairstyles — & How To Create Them

From polished low knots to sleek ponytails, these six gale-friendly styles stand up to wild weather

Viva hair editorial 2019. Photo / Rebecca Thomas

Is there anything worse than styling your hair to perfection, only for all your hard work to become undone by wild weather the moment you step outside?! 

This time of year is notorious for unpredictable weather, which can wreak havoc on hair in a number of ways – not least unravelling your up-do.  

Throw a day spent on the water in the mix and you’re facing a slew of potential hair-related dramas that make keeping your hair looking on-point an insurmountable task.  

But help is at hand. We spoke to six of Auckland’s top stylists for their picks of windproof hairstyles that’ll keep fly-aways at bay for a day spent on the foils. 

Enter high-glamour ponytails and polished chignons that tame tresses and keep stray strands under control. Not ready to go slick? Consider a style that allows for movement and promotes texture. 

Whatever the weather next weekend, these six windproof styles will ensure you still look fly from the boat to the after party. 

Embrace wild weather with va-va-voom texture and undulating curls. Photo / Supplied

CHIC CHIGNON by Danny Pato, co-founder and creative director at d&m and International Hairdresser Of The Year 2021  

“There are so many options that could work, including braids and sleek ponytails,” Danny says when divulging his picks of weatherproof styles.  

“My go-to for this occasion is a sleek and chic low chignon. It’s a classic look, timeless, strong and elegant, and works on all hair types. It’s a style that goes oh-so-well with oversized sunglasses and can handle the wind on the water,” he says.  

“This style is a red carpet regular. One of my favourite renditions was a folded style from a recent Givenchy spring/summer 2021 runway.” 

Get the look

  1. Prep clean, damp hair with a decent spray of Davines Blow Dry Primer and blow smooth by creating tension with a round brush and keeping the nozzle of your dryer pointing down 
  2. Create your parting using a comb (either centre part or low side part, or even all slicked back), spray generously with Davines Medium Hold Hairspray and comb through to ensure hair is smooth 
  3. Tilt your head slightly back, tightly gathering your hair to the nape of your neck using a comb; secure the low ponytail with a small hair-tie or bungee 
  4. Loop and twist your ponytail around to create a wrapped knot effect, leaving a few cm of the ends out. Secure the loop using a few bobby pins 
  5. Wrap the ends around the hair-tie and discreetly pin 
  6. Secure everything in place with an ample amount of Davines Extra Strong Hairspray 

Access(orise) all areas
Or don’t, as Danny says hair accessories or hats can fly off and wreak havoc. Instead, he recommends a chic scarf which can be secured under your chin like a 1950s French film star. “It’ll have the added benefit of keeping your tresses secure from the elements,” Danny says. 

Givenchy's spring/summer 2021 show inspired Danny to recreate this chic chignon. Photo / Supplied

ATHLEISURE HAIR by Michael Beel, Dyson styling ambassador for New Zealand 

Windy weather definitely calls for a hair-up style to make it last longer and so you can stay looking groomed for longer. I love an active bun look that is tight and is sporty but casual. I like to think of it as ‘athleisure hair’,” Michael says.  

Get the look

  1. Begin by blow drying the hair using the Dyson Airwrap styler with its pre-styling dryer attachment on a high heat and high airflow setting until 80 per cent dry  
  2. Using the Dyson Airwrap styler’s smoothing brush, on low heat and medium airflow setting, brush the hair backwards until completely dry 
  3. With an elastic band, tie the hair into a high twisted top-knot and secure with pins 
  4. For a more casual look, lightly loosen strands of hair along the hair line 
  5. Apply a setting spray to finish  

Frizz fighters  
If your hair is dry, you’ll struggle with frizz, especially in high-winds,” Michael says. His top tip is to gently diffuse wet hair before you head out – it simulates natural drying and reduces frizz for improved curl definition. An oil or cream-based product such as a leave-in conditioning treatment may also help,” he adds.  

And if it all falls apart...  
“Let your hair out, let the wind and salt water do their thing and embrace that natural, sun-kissed look!” Michael says.  

Rain, hail or shine, this coiled topknot isn't going anywhere. Photo / Supplied

HIGH-GLAMOUR HIGH-PONY by Sophia El-Tayeb, Loxy’s creative director   

Sophia says a sleek ponytail will serve dual purpose to not only keep hair from blowing in your face, but is secure enough to combat any type of weather. Not sure which height to run with? Sophia says try: “Go high for intense glam or low for sleek and classic. Windproof and oh-so chic!” 

Get the look

  1. If you’re prone to frizz, apply a leave-in treatment to lengths and ends before blow-drying hair on a low setting. My favourite frizz-tamer is the Olaplex No.6 Leave In Smoothing Cream. 
  2. Smooth hair with a soft brush, pulling strands back from your face and using your other hand to collect them together 
  3. Secure with a hair tie and apply shine spray to keep it in place 
  4. A cute way of glamming it up is to take a small section of hair from the pony, slide a bobby pin at the end of the section then wrap it around the hair tie and secure 

Care for hair
As much as our skin gets dehydrated from being exposed to the elements, so too, can your hair. Sophia recommends carrying around a hair moisturiser like The Beauty Dust Co. Day Cream. “Think of it essentially as carrying around a lip balm  but for your hair. Put it in as often as your hair needs to keep it soft, silky and hydrated all day long,” she says.  

Loxy's Sophia El-Tayeb says high ponytails equal high glamour. Photo / Supplied

POLISHED LOW KNOT by Sean Mahoney, stylist at Colleen  

A favourite look of mine is a simple, polished low knot I designed for a Kate Sylvester runway show. This look is elegant on its own and can be styled with clips, a chic sunhat or a headscarf if you’re feeling extra glamorous. 

Get the look 

  1. Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, like Evo The Therapist Shampoo and Conditioner for a boost of moisture 
  2. Gently towel dry and evenly spray Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth from roots to ends, this hero product is a humidity repeller and leaves a frizz-free finish 
  3. Blow-dry the hair smooth with a paddle brush 
  4. Section hair into two from ear to ear, keeping the front section out. Use a Cloud Nine Original Iron to straighten small sections at a time 
  5. Take the under section of hair and tie into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck  
  6. Spray Kevin Murphy Touchable Dry Spray Wax through the top section of hair to ensure natural hold. Pull all sections of loose hair back and tie into a larger ponytail, then brush out smoothly with a boar bristle brush 
  7. Loop the ponytail around to make a knot and tie tightly with elastic. Spray the knot generously with Kevin Murphy Session Spray to finish – don’t forget to pop this in your handbag in case you need touch up later 

Halt humidity
Sean says the prep phase is the most important one when factoring in the longevity of your hairstyle. Moisture and humidity control are key to any style that stands to test a day in the Auckland Harbour, especially facing the elements such as high temperatures, sun and of course, wind,” he explains.  

An over-sized silk scrunchie acts as the perfect finishing touch to a sleek ponytail. Photo / Supplied

SLEEK PONY by Zoe Clark, Inco Studio director  

A sleek pony is definitely my go-to style,” says Zoe. It’s sophisticated, cool, and can be dressed up. This is a style that can be worn many ways with variations of height, and parting placement.” 

Get the look

  1. Create your desired parting. Choose your elevation or height of where you will tie your pony 
  2. Apply your choice of smoothing cream or balm (instead of an oil or serum) – it means the hair has the ability to move freely still 
  3. Brush hair with a bristle brush for maximum smoothness 
  4. Tie off at desired position using an elastic 
  5. Accessorise with gold, silver or black clips at the sides of the head (below temples or above ears), or with a large silk scrunchie 

Access(orise) all areas
Pretty up your pony with an oversized silk scrunchie, which Zoe says has the ability to “Take any style from simple to elegant with minimal effort!”  

Alternatively, Zoe recommends accessorising with gold, silver or black clips or barrettes positioned either side of your head (think below the temples or just above your ears).  

Viva hair editorial 2019. Photo / Rebecca Thomas

And if it all starts going south, consider a style that allows for ample movement and volume, like this one. 

SLICK S WAVES by Brad Lepper, French Revolver hairstylist and creative director 

With high humidity your look has to stand up to the elements. I would be looking at maximum volume movement and control to start with, then moving into slick S waves to end,” Brad says of this voluminous ‘do.  

Get the look

  1. Start by applying Sebastian Dark Oil, Volupt Spray and Twisted Magnifier Cream on damp hair from roots to tips, then spray Sebastian Drynamic on the roots on the top of your hair.  
  2. Turn your head upside down and blow wave until dry. 
  3. Using a large curling tong, work in vertical sections to curl hair away from your face. Spray with Sebastian Shaper Plus (a humidity resistance spray) 
  4. Allow to cool  this will take 15-20 minutes.  
  5. Use Sebastian Shine Shaker and lightly spray over hair roots and tips. Tip your head upside down and brush hair with a wide-tooth comb from roots to ends. 
  6. Flip head up and comb hair down to control the hair into shape. 

Mane-tenance must-haves
In your bag you should have dry shampoo, shine spray. and a wide-tooth comb to sleek out the curl,” Brad says.  

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