Winter Warming Beauty Treatments

Fight the cold this winter by booking one of these cosy treatments, from massages to facials

Elizabeth & James Resort 2018, seeking the warmth. Picture / Supplied.

1. The Warm All Over at Forme Spa, 60 minutes; $135
Offering rejuvenating respite from the frosty gales blowing outside, for a limited time, your Roll Me Bamboo massage - where heated bamboo rods are entrusted with the task of kneading tense muscles and tending to knots - comes with a complimentary keratin warming foot treat to soften and hydrate weary wandering feet. Branches all over Auckland, visit

2. The Pure Fiji Island Wrap Ritual at About Face, 80 minutes; $159
Taking its cues from the celebrity-favoured dry brushing technique (that Miranda Kerr also swears by), here, gentle brush strokes wake up the skin before a hot oil full body massage and pressure point facial will allow for some much needed time out from the rat race. Then, your hands and feet are revived with an exotic body butter masque, before your relaxing escape draws to a close with a hot oil hair treat. Visit

3. The Mocha Facial at Saku Skin, 60 minutes; $99
Sure to awaken weathered, hibernation-ready skin in the most indulgent way, this antioxidant-rich treat kicks off with a freshly-ground coffee scrub, used to gently rid you of anything holding you back from your best skin, before a warm chocolate mask is applied for a decadently guilt-free treat. You’ll also receive a scalp and neck massage before a cocoa butter moisturiser is applied, leaving you primed and ready to face the world once more. Visit Facebook.

4. The Winter Warm Up at East Day Spa, 75 minutes; $185
Trust the healing hands of this inner city haven of calm to keep you sane during the coldest months of the year. Designed to hydrate the skin and revitalise the body, here, your journey to reinvigoration includes a cocoa butter foot rub, a deeply relaxing hot stone back massage as well as an indulgent Codage Paris ‘Oh My Cold’ facial that will effortlessly repair and intensely nourish, so you’re ready to combat the chill head-on. Visit

5. Seasonal Salvation at Loft, 80 minutes; $150
Commencing with a lovely back massage with Shannon, a tailored-to-your-skin facial will follow for a deeper-than-deep clean. Then, surrender to the 'spotlight' and let the LED Light boost your skin's overall texture and radiance before a tried-and-tested, seriously hydrating mask is applied to return wind-damaged skin to all its glory. Visit

6. The Hot Herbal Lavender Massage at The Pullman Spa, 75 minutes; $150
Destined to see you drifting off to dreamland faster than you can say “40 winks”, your session commences with a tepid, French-inspired herbal foot ritual to prepare you for the tailored-to-suit strokes with lashings of lavender aromatherapy oils. Then, to ensure you sink even deeper into a state of bliss a heated wheat bag is placed strategically and allowed to rid you of any tension that dare remain. Visit

7. The Enzyme Spa at Ikoi Spa, 60 minutes; $138
Auckland’s first enzyme spa is home to a traditional Japanese deep heating ritual. Tapping into enzymes that are naturally purifying and used to break down toxins in the body, here, your treatment is not unlike sitting in a sandbox where a carefully selected blend of rice bran, pinewood sawdust and enzyme essence detoxes the body as you relax thanks to a scalp and shoulder acupressure massage. Once done, excess sawdust is brushed away before you rinse off in the rainforest shower feeling good as new. Visit

8. The White Dream at White Spa, 120 minutes; $260
With the assault of heaters in every shape and size, the struggle is real when it comes to dry, dehydrated skin. Banishing it in the most relaxing way possible, this ‘dreamy’ body experience includes a sugar scrub to slough off the old and reveal the new before a warm coconut body butter is massaged into the skin. Relaxing is the only option here as you savour a heavenly facial and scalp massage before laying cocooned in warmth with only hot stones for company. Visit

9. The Chuan Tao of Detox at Chuan Spa, 150 minutes; $390
Winter won’t have a hold on you with this full body and facial in your arsenal. Sent to stimulate circulation, the all-over exfoliation is a godsend before you’re gently enveloped in a warm marine algae wrap infused with calming aromatherapy oils. Then, focusing the attention on your acupressure points, the tension in your back, neck and shoulders are sent packing. To finish, the Thalgo micronised marine algae facial will give tired skin the oxygen boost and nourishment it needs to soldier on whatever the weather. Visit

10. The Restorative at Haven, 120 minutes; $220
Aptly named, this is your chance to brighten, boost and relax during the dreariest of days. Commencing with a revitalising facial and a peeper-perfecting eye rejuvenation booster to banish puffy, tired point of views, you'll then be lulled into a state of serenity with a tension-releasing back, neck and shoulder massage before finishing with a gel manicure. Visit

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