7 Different Ways to Start the Day

How do you function in the morning? Discover seven ways to start the day


1. The morning from a PARENT's point of view:
20% “Wake up, you’re going to be late”
30% “Where did you put your second sock?”
20% “Haven’t you forgotten something?”
15% “Are you sure you haven’t forgotten something?”
10% Checking that no strawberry jam has landed on their shirt 
5% Celebrating the kids’ leaving for school with a well-deserved mug of coffee

2. The morning from the BUSINESS EXECUTIVE’S point of view:
50% Studying the stock market trends
10% “What time is it in Tokyo?”
20% Recovering from jet lag when coming back from Hong Kong
20% “What about that espresso? Will I get it at my desk or in the boardroom?”

3. The morning from a STUDENT'S point of view:
30% “What?! Is it already 8?!” (after having studied all night)
30% “What?! Is it already 8?!” (after having partied all night)
20% “How many mornings did I say I had left until exams start?”
20% Prepare three cups of roasted energizing booster… to get one’s head straight before a lecture

4. The morning from a HIPSTER'S point of view:
30% Create a nice setting for their cup of coffee and gluten-free croissant to gain followers on Instagram
20% Lament the 'mainstreamisation' of minimalist deep house on Twitter
10% Comb their beards
10% Think that it's high time they moved to New York
30% Hesitate between wearing a cap or a beanie

5. The morning from a YOUNG COUPLE'S point of view:
30% Tender words
20% Breakfast in bed
30% Sharing a cappuccino, which is as smooth and soft as their budding love
20% Hearts drawn in the steam on the bathroom mirror

6. The morning from an ATHLETE'S point of view:
20% Quickly check yesterday’s Runtastic stats
15% Add some 50 push-ups to their routine...
20% ...followed by 2km on the exercise bike checking emails at the same time
15% Check those amazing running stats again
30% Realise that there is no coffee left and running to get some

7. The morning according to a NESPRESSO LOVER..:
10% Open your eyes thinking about your next Nespresso Lungo
15% Enjoy the hesitation between Fortissio and Linizio
75% Finally savour your favorite Nespresso Lungo

It’s your turn to hesitate between the 5 Grands Crus Lungo Nespresso!


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