The Tree Hotel's "The Cabin" room in Sweden. Picture / Supplied

8 Bucket List Hotels Worth Travelling The World For

From luxurious tropical bungalows to secluded snow-covered getaways, find a place to stay that's worth the journey

Take a break from the bustle of regular accommodation and opt for a more creative place to stay for your next escape. Each with their own unique sense of style and services, these spots are the perfect place to unwind, take in the beautiful country you're visitng and put a pause on the rat race. 

Tree House, Sweden
These suspended rooms have been making their way around the likes of Pinterest over the past few years, making a name for themselves as the cooler younger sibling of the traditional rustic tree houses we’re more accustomed to. These seven different rooms are all designed with their own personality and feel; the Mirror Cube stays sleek and lets nature do the talking with whitewashed walls and clean lines, while The Cabin adds in a bit more texture, laying carpets and fluffy pillows to make it homey. All houses, however, stay consistent with their strong roots in Scandinavian design and love of simplicity.
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The Manta Resort's Underwater Room in Pemba Island. Picture / Supplied

Underwater Room, Pemba Island
This isolated spot sits completely alone bobbing on top of the marine conservation area of Pemba island in the Indian Ocean. Perhaps not an ideal party option, this paradise is perfect for those needing the ultimate break from their busy world of work and deadlines. Leave civilisation behind and spend your time diving off your living room floor and watching fish swim past as you lie in bed.
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Forest Suite in the Swiss Alps. Picture / Supplied

Mountain Alps Pod, Switzerland
Take a break from crowds and head up to the mountains — the Swiss Alps are home to these cloud-like pods. They're designed to work with the scenery to blend in seamlessly with the snow. Inside, however, they stay cosy and warm with your own private sauna and if you pick right — a hammock amongst the trees. These Swiss suites do relaxation right, with the offer of breakfast delivered straight to your door and a masseuse ready whenever you are.
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Levin iglut- Golden Crown. Picture / Supplied

Igloo, Finland
These igloos have been adapted to make the most their beautiful surroundings, so you can lay back in bed and watch the Northern Lights in all their glory. Time your getaway right and get yourself to Finland from November to April for the season. With the cold season in full swing by then, this resort has snowmobiles, husky safaris, reindeer sleigh rides and snowshoeing on offer to all those keen to get immersed in the white of winter.
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Likuliku Lagoon Resort/Hamilton Lund Photography. Picture / Supplied

Over Water Bure, Fiji
With a wealth of overwater bungalows to choose from, LikuLiku Lagoon provides us Kiwis with a luxurious remedy that's not too far from home. The villas are stood upon stilts within the blue lagoon of Malolo Island, each one designed with natural materials and accented with authentic hand-carved features. Spend a day sunbathing on your private deck then cool off with quick dive straight into the ocean beneath you.
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Round Tent in Raglan. Picture / Supplied

Yurt, New Zealand
Need a break a bit closer to home? Raglan proves idyllic for its beaches, surf scene and relaxed nature, all reflected in this chic glamping spot. The Round Tent draws inspiration in design from the traditional Mongolian house style. With its dome shape and canvas walls, it’s mistakenly compared to a tent, but step inside and the lush decor firmly disagrees. Complete with a stone bath under the stars, an outdoor fire and a generous deck, this accommodation option is more than relaxing.
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Houseboat, Germany
This modern house seems too stylish and open plan to be a boat, with its minimalist design and wall of windows, the style of the space goes far beyond any expectations of a below deck cabin. The chic houseboat has a spanning view of Berlin’s waterways and is secluded in its position on the water, with no pestering neighbours — apart from the occasional duck.
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The Safari Collection's Giraffe Manor. Picture / Supplied

Manor, Kenya
As if a night in a manor wasn’t memorable enough, the Giraffe Manor comes with a free safari with breakfast. The iconic Nairobi building dates back to the 1930s and stands as a landmark within a 140 acre forest that's also home to a resident herd of giraffes. The windows are high for a reason — you can expect a visit from one of the giraffes, who often stop by in the mornings and evenings. You may be able to get away from the crowds in this isolated paradise, but nature runs wild here.
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