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Book Club: New Releases We Love

Fashion, recipes, gardening, poetry — these new titles have it all

Great Tastes: Cooking (and eating) from morning to midnight
By Danielle Kosann and Laura Kosann
Two sisters, Danielle and Laura Kosann, began their online magazine The New Potato to tackle their favourite topics of celebrity, fashion, film, TV and beauty and how they relate to food. They’ve now bundled up their musings, interviews, and advice into a cookbook, weaving through it 85 simple, delicious recipes. They’ve included their favourite cocktails, desserts, Sunday brunches and comfort food, taking you through many iterations of their “perfect food day” (a question they pose to the stars they interview on the site).

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The pair makes no secret of the fact they’re not chefs and don’t consider themselves to be, meaning the recipes are simple enough to slot into your weeknight repertoire, complete with many stories to digest after dinner. (Clarkson Potter, $35)

Great Tastes offers delicious recipes, like this super simple Grapefruit Margarita. Picture / Supplied

McQueen: The Illustrated History of a Fashion Icon
By Tom Rasmussen, illustrations by R. Song
There was no shortage of fascinating moments in Alexander McQueen’s career and this book maps his life, from a fashion-obsessed teen (when he was still known as Lee) to a game-changing designer and artist whose devious and dark collections captured the world’s imagination time and time again.

Journalist Tom Rasmussen explores the chance encounters that created McQueen’s famous friendships — such as with influential fashion editor Isabella Blow; his most theatrical and shocking shows; his moves between design houses and the success of his own label; and the way he balanced art, high fashion and commerce. Artist R. Song embellishes each of the snippets and stories with unique illustrations to create an informative work of art, befitting McQueen’s legacy. (Smith Street Books, $47)

Illustrations by R. Song decorate the pages of 'McQueen' . Pictures / R. Song

The Facts
By Therese Lloyd
The Facts is poet Therese Lloyd’s latest release of poetry, which explores the end of a marriage. Her sharp, heavy and insightful words have garnered much praise, with poet Hera Lindsay Bird calling this one of her favourite New Zealand books. “It won’t make you feel any better,” she adds ominously. This honest collection is one best digested slowly. (Victoria University Press, $25)

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Leaf Supply: A guide to keeping happy houseplants
By Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan, photographed by Luisa Brimble
The colder weather doesn’t mean you have to go without your nature fix — Leaf Supply has all the tips and tricks you need to turn your home into a lush, green haven and, most importantly, keep it looking that way.

From cacti to tropical palms, this book lets you know how to care for more than 100 different plants and can help you choose which species and pots will best suit your space and lifestyle. Self-described “plant nerds” Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan have strong styling backgrounds, making this an inspiring book sure to spark plenty of lush ideas for your indoor garden. (Smith Street Books, $60)

Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan will teach you all you need to know about indoor gardening. Picture / Luisa Brimble

By Maira Kalman and Barbara Scott-Goodman
Two sweet-toothed women have joined forces to create an illustrated ode to all things cake. Maira Kalman’s illustrations add charm and nostalgia to memories and recipes by food writer Barbara Scott-Goodman, whose desserts are all tried-and-true classics.

There’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, pavlova with berries, a plum torte, multiple layer cakes and several chocolate options... Just be sure to leave enough room after dinner. (Penguin Random House, $35)

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Dior By Marc Bohan
By Jerome Hanover, photography by Laziz Hamani
Step back into the world of Dior between the early 1960s and the late 1980s and revisit the most iconic of Marc Bohan’s designs, which are kept in museums and art collections throughout the world.

Photographer Laziz Hamani has documented hundreds of the most exquisite pieces from this era and the coffee table book also includes a range of fascinating archival imagery. These are beautifully complemented by fashion journalist Jerome Hanover’s research and commentary, to create an in-depth picture of Bohan’s inspiration and influence during his 30-year career at Dior. The book marks the third in a series that documents the contribution of each Dior designer, creating an incredible collection for the house’s most dedicated fans. (Assouline, $265)

Dior by Marc Bohan documents the designer's most memorable moments. Picture / Supplied

Everything I Know About Love
By Dolly Alderton
Head off on a roller coaster with UK journalist, dating columnist and podcast host Dolly Alderton as she shares all she’s learned, or done her best to learn, during her 20s. Moving and honest but also consistently hilarious, Dolly is as open about her lows as she is her highs, making for many ridiculous yet relatable tales, featured alongside recipes, lists and pop-culture references.

If you’ve listened to Dolly’s podcasts The High Low (co-hosted by Pandora Sykes) or Love Stories (which she launched alongside the book) you’ll be familiar with her bright voice, intelligence, and self-awareness that makes you want to hang on to her every word. While dating does feature heavily, Dolly says the book is more of an ode to the friendships that last through break-ups and infatuations, as well as the underrated magic of being single. (Fig Tree, $40)

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