Favourite Things: Ladyhawke, Musician

Ladyhawke shares the special items she has collected over the years, which now reside in her Los Angeles home

Musician Ladyhawke. Picture / Michelle Shiers.

“I’ve had a habit of collecting things over the years — small things that remind me of a certain time or place. These things take up a lot of space!” shares musician Ladyhawke, real name Phillipa “Pip” Brown.

She grew up in Masterton in a classic 1950s weatherboard house that her grandparents built; the same home her mum and uncle grew up in and where her mum still lives today.

“I love Masterton, it’s a small town with its own little Mediterranean climate in summer which makes it awesome to go home over summer: nice hot days, lots of river swims and the beach is only a small drive away.”

For the last three years, Pip has lived in Los Angeles following a stint in London. “After years of grey skies and long flights home, I felt it was time to move to a warmer climate that was a bit closer to NZ. I love living here it is pretty much always sunny.”

She still considers New Zealand as her favourite place in the world, and says it won’t be long before she moves back.

Next weekend she returns for the Auckland City Limits Festival, where she will perform songs from her just-completed but not yet released third album.

In terms of the items Pip has collected over the years, she has tried to strip back and have less clutter. “I feel clearer in my head when things are neater in my life. I’ve tried to follow this through into my new album design too, cleaner lines, simpler concepts visually.”

The vast majority of her home is dedicated to music. “I have a mid-century modern credenza where my turntable and stereo live together in harmony. I have shelves of music and photography books and I have a whole room which is my music studio.”


Sovtek big muff; Doc Martens; The Simpsons script. Pictures / Michelle Shiers.

1. Sovtek big muff
This pedal is special to me because I found it on eBay and it ended up shaping the entire sound of my second record. Pascal Gabriel, who produced the album, had one in his studio and I’d obsessed over it for years.

2. Doc Martens
I’ve included these because I have worn Docs since I was 16-years-old. They’re the most consistent shoe in my life. I’ve performed countless shows in my Docs, countless photo shoots. They feel like part
of my identity.

3. The Simpsons script
Yes this is an actual The Simpsons script signed to me from Matt Groening and Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart). I was lucky enough to get invited along to a table read one day by my friend Vice Cooler. We got to sit in the room with a script to follow while The Simpsons voice actors sat around a table reading it out aloud. It was dizzying. I’m a true fan, so sitting in the room with these people who have made me laugh since I was a kid was one of the best moments of my life.

PS4; Collection of The Simpsons pins. Pictures / Michelle Shiers.

4. My PS4
I’ve made no secret of my love for all things gaming. This console has transported me into countless different worlds and given me hours (and hours and hours) of entertainment. And this particular PS4 I won. I actually won it! My name was drawn out of a hat at an event and I don’t think I’ve ever walked faster to stand in front of a room full of people. Plus, it has Darth Vader on it.

5. Collection of The Simpsons pins
I love these things! They’re all over various items of clothing at the moment. They were a much welcomed Christmas gift from my managers. I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons and have a lot of Simpsons memorabilia around the house, so this was the perfect gift.

• Ladyhawke will be playing at Auckland City Limits, March 19 at Western Springs. For tickets visit ticketmaster.co.nz

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