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Meet Josephine Oloito'a, The Feminist Empowering Women One Instagram Post At A Time

The uni student has made a name for herself on social media with her raw, unfiltered look at life

Blogger and feminist Josephine began to separate her Instagram from the rest in 2015. Deciding to use the platform to educate and provide a safe space for young people, @josie.edan is helping to remove the stigma surrounding some of the most needlessly sensitive subjects concerning the Internet-raised Gen Z.

Tell us a bit about what you do.
As a full-time uni student and part-time barmaid, I write essays and serve beer to old men. As a non-conformist and young creative, I write thought-provoking Instagram posts and serve tea to the masses.

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When did you start using Instagram as a platform to talk to young women?
I started using Instagram as a platform to talk to young women when I realised the media I was consciously consuming had an effect on my perception of myself and my (re)actions. I don't believe social media is inherently evil — it's only ever what you make of it.

Upon this realisation, I felt this responsibility to myself to navigate and project my online presence in such a way that my younger self would feel educated, empowered and represented — all things I didn't feel growing up, especially not with the media I was being exposed to. I started by talking about everything we're taught not to e.g. sex, masturbation, periods. The more we talk about these things, the less we feel like aliens.

a list of ppl whose approval i need: 1) not yours.

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Who, or what, inspires you?
I am inspired by anything and anyone I see myself in, every girl I follow on Instagram, my big sister/third parent Lorraine, and anyone who lives unapologetically in their truth.

What sort of impact do you hope to have on your audience?
I hope anyone who views my content can walk away from their screens learning something about themselves. We're all just mirrors so anything you see or feel about me is really a reflection of yourself. So unpack everything. Question everything. GOOGLE EVERYTHING. But above all, I hope they feel compelled to use their presence and privilege, online or otherwise, to make these spaces better for others. When you have a platform, you have an opportunity. Use it to help those who don't.

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What are you working towards?
First of all, a degree. I've been at uni for too damn long. I've also been trying to write a book for the last 2 years so there's that. And y'know, dismantling the patriarchy and all other systems of oppression — that's a lifelong mahi. I'm also trying to get back into blogging and making videos once my mental health allows me to. Sometimes I feel stagnant and scared I won't accomplish everything I want to but I'm comforted by the belief that everything that's meant for me will always find a way.

At the moment:
I am watching — Pose
I am reading — The Power of Now 
I am listening to— Teyana Taylor
My lockscreen is — 'My healing is my unspoken thank you to my ancestors for every song, prayer and sacrifice'
My favourite spot is — Albert Park

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