Get To Know International DJ Phoebe Falconer

Phoebe has carved out a career in tempting celebrities onto the dance floor

Phoebe Falconer shares her soirée-throwing tips. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

She first picked up the DJing bug from an ex-boyfriend and Phoebe Falconer has gone on to have a successful career playing bangers in New Zealand and in Los Angeles. One of her Californian career highlights was DJing at the wedding of Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley where she got the unlikely trio of Tom Waits, Joey Ramone and Jim Carrey grooving on the dance floor.

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Phoebe dreams of opening an all-female-run bar in Auckland. In the meantime she can be found at The Lula Inn most weekends playing a mix of rock and disco that has the punters dancing on tables.

Play to the ladies… if you get the girls dancing then you get everyone dancing. When I came back to New Zealand I started a rock ’n’ roll night with The D4; these days I play a mix of rock and disco, it’s quite eclectic.

Just make sure you… eat. Drinking on an empty stomach doesn’t end well.

My drink of choice?  French Champagne, always.

I think lighting is… more important than decorations.

I’d like to throw a party… that has a roving magician doing tricks table to table.

I never pass up an opportunity… to get my frock on. I’ve been dressing the same since I was a teenager really. I like vintage from the 1970s, that’s my favourite. I like shopping at Vixen and Tango.

Some of my party do’s are... be kind, be generous, be inclusive, be yourself. Make sure that everyone you came with gets home safely.

My most memorable party was… film producer Ant Timpson’s 40th at Galatos. Everyone dressed as their fave movie character. So much effort was made, it was really fun. I was Sandy from Grease.

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