Poet, author and musician Dominic Hoey. Photo / Jason Oxenham.

Isolation 101: Poet & Musician Dominic Hoey On His Creative Pursuits At Home

In our final Isolation 101 series, the best-selling author shares what he's been up to recently, including reviving his podcast after a three year hiatus

What I’m watching ...
I’ve been rewatching The Wire for the 100th time (it’s still so good!). My partner and I have been separated by the lockdown so every night we call each other and watch a couple of episodes together.

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What I’m listening to ...
I’ve been listening to podcasts mainly. Chapo Trap House, which looks at society through a Marxist/Leninist lens (it’s way funnier than that makes it sound); old episodes of Unexplained, which is a mystery podcast; and I have rediscovered my love of the band Suicide.

Poet, author and musician Dominic Hoey. Photo / Jason Oxenham.

What I’m reading ...
I’m just finishing Tom Spanbauer’s In the City of Shy Hunters. He’s one of my favourite authors. I’ve learned a lot about writing from studying his style. The book is set in New York in the 80s during the Aids epidemic. It’s heartbreaking, but so beautifully written.

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Something that made me laugh this week ...
I watched the new Beastie Boys film — it was funny but also made me tear up near the end.

Left: Tom Spanbauer’s In the City of Shy Hunters. Right: Beastie Boys Story (2020).

What I hope to take away from this chapter ...
That the term low-skilled worker is a slur that rich people use as an excuse to pay people below subsistence wages. That a lot of the jobs we have are either pointless or could be done from home in two hours and, in times of crisis, most people will work together, rather than turn on each other.

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A new hobby I’ve taken up ...
My mates and I have restarted our podcast How Not To Be An Asshole after a three-year hiatus. In the past we’ve interviewed Jacinda Ardern, Israel Adesanya, Faf Swag, Liam Finn and a host of amazing artists, weirdos and activists.

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