Janetta Mackay: Lazy days

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Picture / Thinkstock

I'm just back from a couple of weeks in Hawaii. I don't mean to gloat, but hey, got to hang on to the fast-fading holiday feeling. It's been 14 years since I was there last and I'd forgotten what a zoo Waikiki is, but luckily we spent most of our time on the Big Island where the pace is lazier and there's more worth looking at.

Volcanoes, snorkelling, star-gazing, horse-riding, with a bit of golf and a bit more gin thrown in. Kind of like New Zealand with an accent and without the coffee. Sorry kona swill, you don't cut it. But those ahi steaks at two for $6 from the local supermarket may explain why tuna stocks are being so quickly devoured and why condos beat hotels at meal time.

I didn't wear makeup for days on end, but I was very diligent with the sunscreen, using the family as guinea pigs for trying out the latest for an upcoming Vivacolumn. It took only a brief time outdoors back at home over the weekend to remind us that although the temperature here is less balmy, the sun sure burns hotter.

It's a reality we too often ignore - at our peril. Before my trip, I attended a sunscreen launch where several medical experts spoke about the risks of skin cancer and how best to safeguard ourselves in terms of prevention, monitoring and treatment. A lot of it was the obvious sun-safe stuff, but the message bears repetition.

Most of us are pretty good at packing sunhats and sunscreens on holiday, but in our high-risk home environment can be less diligent. Before summer sets in and days swimming distract me, I've got a few moles that need checking out. How about you?

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