Katherine Lowe on blogging, gramming and Tumblr

The top blogger shares her favourites

Katherine Lowe is one of New Zealand’s most popular bloggers, whose online presence includes the fashion blog Katherine is Awesome, and all of the appropriate social media accounts. 

She launched her blog in 2008, at the height of fashion blogger hype, but admits she thinks fashion blogs have now peaked. “There are so many blogs out there now, so it's hard to stand out, and with the rise of Instagram and Tumblr and Vine, I think people’s attention spans are shorter. 

“It makes me a little sad. People are less inclined to spend a few minutes reading a post when they can just garner what they need in seconds from seeing a photo with a caption on Instagram. Also, I think a lot of people read blogs via Google Reader, and ever since its demise, people haven't bothered to keep up with blogs because it's too much trouble to remember and go to all the different sites.”

For Katherine, the key to a good blog today is original content and an opinion. “No one wants to read something/see something they can see somewhere else.”

What digital devices do you have?

I've got a laptop and an iPhone. I had an iPad but I never used it so my Mum has it now.

Favourite websites and blogs?

Aside from a couple of online stores, Google and social media and news sites (NY Times, etc), there are only a few others that I visit regularly: Karley Sciortino's blog, Slutever, because she's a great writer, overshares and says what everyone's thinking but too scared to; The Model Burnbook by Cailin Hill because she's sarcastic and funny and honest.

What’s your phone?

iPhone 6.

How often do you check it?

A lot. Like, an embarrassingly high amount of times per day. But I have to do it for my job, so does that make it better?

Last thing you downloaded?

Aside from images in emails (do they count?), the last thing I downloaded was Fourfive Seconds by Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney. 

Favourite apps?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Uber, VSCO and the BNZ Mobile App — for someone who used to spend a lot of time phone banking, the BNZ app is life-changing.

Most useful apps?

BNZ Mobile app, Uber (obvious), Whatsapp.

The silliest app you've downloaded?

I'm not a huge app person. I would say it probably has to be DrawSomething. I spent way too much time on that thing.

Your favourite social media network?

Probably Instagram, mostly because it's pretty to look at, and like they say, a pictures says a thousand words. 

How many Instagram and Twitter followers do you have?

Ever since Instagram changed it so you can't see exactly how many followers you have I haven't kept up as much as I would have. It says 13.3k. I'm not as good at Twitter (not clever or witty enough) — 4540 followers. 

The best account you follow?

The accounts I like most are the ones of people I know and like. I like my brother's Instagram account (@jamesklowe) the most, but I'm biased. 

Your three most used Emojis?

The screwed up upset face, the mouth down upset face, and the smiley face with the rosy cheeks.

Do you read books on a Kindle or digital device?

I did read on my boyfriend's Kindle once and it was okay. Not the same [as a book], though.

Your online/digital guilty pleasure?

Creeping on people's accounts, sub-tweeting and online shopping without actually going through with the purchases. 

Online pet peeve?

Anonymous Tumblr questions that could just be googled (ie, Does ASOS ship to New Zealand?), when people ask you on Instagram a question that they could easily find the answer to (ie, Where is that dress from? when it's tagged in the photo, or Where is this restaurant? when the location is clearly tagged) and when big media outlets (Fashionista.com, Refinery 29, Vogue, etc) post the same tweets about the same stories several times over the course of a week, like you never saw the first tweet about it.

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