The Botanist have been creating more understated arrangements of late. Picture / Supplied

Five of the Latest Floral Trends for Weddings

Do florists follow trends? Five of the country's top florists highlight the latest wedding looks

Painted Flowers
“Dyed flowers is a trend that has been really popular overseas, as well as painted botanics, and it’s now an accepted art form when done well — rather than potentially looking a little DIY. We’ve been playing with paint for some time now, whether it’s a light dusting of white edging on a strong tropical leaf, or the base and stem of a blush rose painted in fluoro purple — it has a beautiful ornamental feel and is a platform that we are continuing to explore.”
— Kelly Karam, Blush Flowers

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MarkAntonia are known for their delicate dried arrangements. Picture / Bayly & Moore

Dried Arrangements
“I’m noticing a trend away from the traditional, whimsical style to a more structured aesthetic. My wedding clients are embracing the more architectural style of my work; they realise this will make their wedding incredibly unique. Even if a couple is having mostly fresh flowers, there is a trend towards having a dried element, especially dried cake decorations, hair circlets or combs, a dried arrangement to sit near the cake or guest book, and hanging arrangements as a backdrop.”
— Antonia De Vere, Mark Antonia

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The Botanist have been creating more understated arrangements of late. Picture / Supplied

Less is More
“We’re using lots of wild product with a more organic design, incorporating seasonal foliage and opting for fewer flowers, as above. Instead of wedding arches being completely covered in product, it’s more of a thought-out design, enabling people to see every individual bloom and exposing more of the structure.”
— Eden Kersten, The Botanist

Elaborate installations have been popular with Lu Diamond's clients. Picture / Rambo Estrada

Flower Installations
“Floral installations are extremely popular for weddings and events. They add wow factor, and most brides are keen to have that extra-special floral detail incorporated into their day. There are no limits to how big or small they can be, or to the shape and size. Large ceremony backdrops are my favourite to create, and large, hanging floral designs for the reception are frequently requested. Not all the installations we create are huge; sometimes the slightly smaller, subtle creations can be the best.”
— Lucy Houghton, Lu Diamond

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Muck Floral's arrangements depend heavily on the seasons. Pictures / Frances Carter, Danelle Bohane

In-Season Only
“Green and white have been a big one this season, with not as many ‘wild-flower’ requests as I’ve had in the past. I only use what the season provides in terms of flowers, which means a peony can be popular, but only for about two months. I focus on developing an aesthetic rather than getting hung up on specific flower types. This way, no matter what the weather does, or what happens on the farms, we will always achieve the look we’re going for.”
— Sophie Wolanski, Muck Floral

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