Auckland-based band, Leisure. Picture / Supplied.

Who Are Leisure?

Everyone is talking about this new Auckland-based supergroup

An Auckland-based band that can be summed up as a new supergroup — with an upbeat sound that has everyone talking. We asked band member Jaden Parkes a few quick questions:

Who exactly are you? We are a five-piece band from Auckland. We met through other musical projects working as producers and songwriters [including Kids of 88 and Goodnight Nurse].

Describe your sound? Soul/RnB/Pop.

How did Leisure happen? I invited the guys to a bach I hired at Muriwai last summer to write and record songs for a week. They were all musicians, producers and friends who I thought would make for a productive and enjoyable experience.

For first-time listeners, which song would you recommend? The first song we released, Got It Bad, is a good entry point as it has the fundamental elements we base our music on: groove, melody and vibe.

What have you got coming up? We are working towards an album so we’re in the studio every week, we also have local shows coming up and will be playing Laneway Festival.

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