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A Few Of Lorde's Favourite Places

The singer designates her dream destinations both near and far, familial and whimsical

La Colombe d’Or, France
In the South of France, on the edge of St Paul de Vence, there’s a hotel called La Colombe d’Or. It’s one of the most strange and special hotels I’ve ever visited. It’s well known for its vast art collection (including Calders, Picassos and Matisses, all gifted to the owner by the artists and hung casually throughout the dining room), but that’s only one part of what makes it special. The pool is deep and green, the roof tiles are painted in faded rainbow colours, and the rooms are elegant, shabby and unique. I’ve spent hours in the tree-cloaked courtyard, watching French ladies feed their dogs and ordering magical dishes like Le Grand Aioli or a flaming baba au rhum.

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I’d been thinking about taking a trip here pre-pandemic, to learn more about the rich and somewhat mysterious culture on my mother’s side. While those plans were put on hold, I’m finally playing a show at St. Michael’s Fortress in Sibenik later this year. I can’t wait to take in as much as I can of Croatia, have some perfect swims, and eat Riba sa Zara (grilled fish).

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Central Otago, New Zealand
Outside of concerts in Christchurch and Dunedin, I had never visited the South Island until about four years ago. I’ve loved doing long road trips there most years, observing a totally different geology, plant life, weather and social custom to what I grew up on. Central Otago in particular is somewhere I can’t wait to visit again. I love to spend the day driving, stopping at the little pubs and swimming holes of small towns like Ophir, St Bathans and Clyde. Go check out Mitchells Cottage in Fruitlands if you’re driving past, and maybe the black lab who lives next door will give you a tour.

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County Cork, Ireland
I’d love to trace some family lineage in County Cork. Whiddy Island and the Beara Peninsula both look beautiful.

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Lake Rotopounamu, New Zealand
I’ve been thinking about this 6km walk a lot recently. Circling a beautiful, jewel-coloured lake, it’s one I’d do with my auntie Jools every time I visited her in Tūrangi. We’d walk beneath the thick bush canopy for an hour or so before emerging at a tiny bay on the lake’s edge. The Salada crackers and Edam cheese would come out, she’d do her cryptic crossword and I’d read, and eventually we’d glide into the lake for a swim.

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Piwhane/Kapowairua/Spirits Bay, New Zealand
My father has spent a week fishing at this beautiful beach annually for almost 40 years. It’s a hugely meaningful place for him and his brothers, occupying a special spot in our family mythology. I’d love to go for a fish there with him someday.

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This story was originally published in volume seven of Viva Magazine.

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