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A New Fashion Series Debuts On Netflix Plus More Binge-Worthy Shows On Our Radar

'Next in Fashion' is sure to be your new addiction, along with these other must-watch picks

Two of fashion’s most sought-after personalities have teamed up to host a new show premiering on Netflix this week. Fashion designer and eternal style inspiration for many, Alexa Chung, and Tan France of Queer Eye fame are bringing their fun and friendly dispositions to Next in Fashion, a reality TV show in which designers will compete to be the next big thing.

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Each episode will feature a different challenge centred on a trend or design style that has influenced the way we dress. Guest judges will include Tommy Hilfiger, Christopher Kane and Kerby Jean-Raymond, as well as Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships Eva Chen and Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Stewart, who works with celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts.

Project Runway comparisons are unavoidable, but one of Next in Fashion’s key differences lies in the fact that most of the contestants already have prior experience at the top end of the industry, working for brands like Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang. However, none of them are a household name — yet.

Net-a-Porter will award the winning designer US$250,000 with the opportunity to retail their designs, and we’re looking forward to the duo of Alexa and Tan, who are sure to provide enjoyable entertainment with their irreverence and sense of humour. Get your takeaway orders on the way, we’re ready to find out who will be ... next in fashion.


The Morning Show (Apple TV)
Even before the internet went mental over Jennifer Aniston's encounter with ex-hubby Brad, I was deep into a Jenaissance over her latest telly appearance on The Morning Show, available here on Apple TV. Jen plays Alex Levy, a tough-as-nails TV host on America's most popular breakfast show who, in the opening moments of episode 1 of 10 (no spoilers here), finds out her co-host and friend Mitch Kessler (an excellent performance by Steve Carell) has been sacked for sexual misconduct. Cue much scratching of heads at the network as those who have turned a blind eye and those who have actively covered up his many indiscretions duck for cover. Reese Witherspoon also puts in a great performance as Bradley Jackson, a feisty reporter plucked from obscurity as Mitch's replacement, and I loved seeing the elastic face of Mark Duplass pop up as producer Charlie "Chip" Black too. Binge telly at its finest. — Shandelle Battersby, acting commercial editor

Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez (Netflix)
This three-part true crime documentary takes a closer look at the life of a Pro NFL player and former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and some of the reasons why he became a serial killer before ultimately committing suicide in his jail cell in 2017. It's an interesting look at the big business of professional football and how the money-making machine can sometimes disregard the overall wellbeing of its players. — Dan Ahwa, creative director 

Cheer (Netflix)
Another good look at an all-American sport, this six-episode documentary series delves into the lives of cheerleaders from Navarro College in Texas and unpacks all the stereotypes we think we know about the culture of cheerleaders. It's an interesting insight into conservatism in Texas and how the cheerleaders deal with race, sexuality, class and gender disparity as they work towards the coveted national title. — Dan Ahwa, creative director 

The Outsider (Neon)
Described as a cross between Stephen King and True Detective, this new HBO show is indeed based on a Stephen King novel of the same name and blurs the line between true crime and supernatural storytelling. When a suburban everyday dad is accused of a horrific child murder, things soon start to unravel and it becomes clear things aren't what they seem. There is only one episode released every week on Neon so it's a nailbiting change from my usual bingewatching habits to wait and see how it all unfolds. — Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

The Goop Lab (Netflix)
Vulva viewings, exorcisms, psychoactive tea... it could only be one thing: Gwyneth Paltrow's new Netflix show The Goop Lab. I'm fascinated by ol' Gwynnie and the empire she's built with Goop, and each episode of The Goop Lab focuses on an area of wellness that's under-explored — "either maddeningly or justifiably so" says Vanity Fair. I'm always curious to learn about batty new wellness trends, and so this sounds right up my alley. — Rosie Herdman, assistant fashion editor

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