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Party Tips for Introverts

Not the life of the party? That’s okay. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the ordeal

1. Take a chatty friend. Pick your plus-one carefully and opt for your most gregarious pal. They’re a surefire way to attract all the attention — leaving you to stand happily by the chip-and-dip bowl for the rest of the night.

2. Wear sunglasses. The summer season and its plethora of outdoor events permits you to wear the biggest, darkest shades. Awkward eye contact is avoided, as well as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. (But mostly to avoid awkward eye contact.)

3. Sit down and look at your phone. Standing and talking can be exhausting, so to get through an extra 30 minutes before it’s time to make an Irish exit, sit down and play Words with Friends. Everyone will think you’re ordering an Uber or sorting out something urgent at the office and will leave you in peace.

4. Prepare a couple of conversation starters that are sure to get people talking, particularly in a group. This will prompt plenty of chatter, allowing you time to slink away discreetly.

-By Dan Ahwa

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