Real Life Love Stories: Lula Cucchiara & Siobhan Price

As a Valentine's Day tribute, Lula and Siobhan share their millennial love story

Lula and Siobhan first connected via social media. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

Lula Cucchiara and Siobhan Marguerita Rose Price initially met up as friends, but sparks flew at their supposedly platonic first date. They knew it was meant to be when they turned up wearing the same thing, and seven hours later their date was still going.

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As with all the best millennial love stories it was social media that initially connected Lula, a film director, producer and photographer with Siobhan, a midwife — first on dating app Tinder and then chatting on Instagram. Siobhan remembers it differently: “I saved her from a massive pet shop that was on fire. I offered her some water from the cap of my bottle like a little parched koala, it was love at first sip.”

What was your first impression of your partner?
Lula: “Wow, she’s confident” and that she was very attractive. I immediately felt comfortable around her. Talking to her in real life was so easy and free of the normal first-date awkwardness.
Siobhan: I thought she was gorgeous and that intimidated me, but once we got talking I could see how incredibly kind and sweet she was when she talked about how much she loved her family.

What happened on your first date?
Lula: Our first date was at Ralph’s on Dominion Rd. Before we met, we both had the idea of just wanting a friendship, but clearly that’s not how the story ended… We had dinner and then I invited Siobhan to this queer event at Basement Theatre. We chatted, danced and kissed the whole night, it was fun.

What attracted you to her initially?
Lula: Her conversation and her beautiful smile. Her sense of humour was on point and chatting to her made fireworks go off in my brain. I remember thinking, “Oh, damn, I like this person” and this was not what I was expecting prior to meeting with her.
Siobhan: She’s stunning so obviously it was that to start off with but once we started talking it was her modesty, her creative way of thinking and her playfulness that made me want to know more about her.

Siobhan (left) describes Lula as the 'most romantic person I've ever met'. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

What do you like to do together?
Lula: I really enjoy making art with her. We have a very similar aesthetic but a different approach so it’s cool to work together.
Siobhan: Talking and making each other crack up, we can talk and joke about nothing for days.

Who is the funniest?
Lula: I will say Siobhan. She’s pretty funny, I love her humour. But I’m a lot funnier in Spanish.
Siobhan: She has one really good pasta joke that always kills, so it’s tough to compare our humour when she cranks that one out in a group situation.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for each other?
Lula: It’s the everyday kind of romance, like hand-picked flowers or hidden notes, that gets me.
Siobhan: We are both hopeless romantics so the list is endless but giving each other stick ’n’ poke tattoos (without the other knowing what it was until it was finished) was a pretty spesh moment. Lula is the most romantic person I have ever met. She pays attention and is such a good listener so I’m always finding she has surprised me with something I briefly mentioned a week ago.

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What have you learned from each other?
Lula: Loving myself. She’s very supportive and encouraging. Having this type of support is everything and very special.
Siobhan: That soulmates exist. I used to think that was just some cheesy thing people would say when they were head over heels in love. I think we were meant to be together and that blows my mind.

Do they have any annoying habits?
Lula: She has the habit of opening every single kitchen cupboard and drawer and not closing them — it makes me laugh but also drives me crazy.
Siobhan: We love surprises but neither of us can keep them in so it annoys me how easy it is to break her.

Why do you make a good couple?
Lula: Honesty and communication are essential in our relationship. We have similar values, we know what we want and don’t want. We listen to each other.
Siobhan: We genuinely respect one another and know that we have each other’s backs, no matter what. Being able to communicate without fear of being judged is a recipe for mutual respect.

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